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Grinder cards.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by elixir, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Hey I've browsed the forum and looked for this thread but I can't find it so I'll post it here.

    Just wanted to let you guys know about this grindercardthingy, looks pretty useful if you don't want to carry a grinder, or don't have one on you or whatever.

    [ame=]V Syndicate Grinder Cards in Action - YouTube[/ame]

    Do any of you guys have one? If so, did it replace your grinder? I may get one just cause of the convenience, obviously probably not as good as a grinder, but
    I'm willing to sacrifice some fineness, for the sake of convenience.

    So what say you, GC?
  2. This just gave me the idea to use a cheeze grader as a fucking grinder... loool

  3. Not gunna be as portable though.

  4. Dude.. I did that, I had a novelty mini one too, it was freaking tiny, I just stole it from the kitchen lmao, but it didn't work out :( The weed gets stuck in the holes..

    You may have a better go at it than me though! If you do try let us know how it goes! :smoke:
  5. Been posted 1000 times, it's nothing special, has no features other then being able to fit in your wallet.. it's just as portable as my poker chip grinder, at least it has a busted up weed reservoir. This thread is basically an ad. And that product has no use other then trying to show off to your friends and brag after they ask.. "derpadoo what's that"

  6. Sorry dude, I'm genuinely not advertising, and I don't plan to show off if I get one. I didn't find it on here, so I made a thread, so mod please delete. I have no idea who made this product, just found it on YouTube.

    Didn't mean to sound pretentious or the sort, sorry.
  7. MastahRolla had some custom one mades for him by a headshop, they have been around for a while actually.
  8. cheap
    easy to carry

  9. yea idk doesnt look like it does the greatest job grinders are fairly portable too i wouldnt want one
  10. grinder cards....this makes me think of a pill head.
    but pretty cool.

    cball knows where its at though, those scissors would come in handy wayy more.
  11. its cool but i dont travel much and im happy with my chromium crusher
  12. Does anyone actually use one of these?
  13. not my video but here is a custom one in action

    [ame=]Dragon Grinder Card - on the go grinder/rolling card! - YouTube[/ame]
  14. My friend has a zombie one! In liquid chrome in Barrie they have all kinds!
  15. Here's mine, i keep it in my wallet just in case lol i also have a buster though.

    Its alongside my trusty MFLB :smoke:

  16. Theres pretty shit if your bud isn't really dry
  17. a grinder card is useful for small amounts of bud, you can use some of the best grinders i found for breaking down the half o's to oz. :)
  18. Definetly better than getting caught by the law with a grinder.
  19. I got one good investment because it fits in my wallet. I have already had to use it once when no-one at a smoke sesh had a grinder everyone thought it was handy.
  20. Have one. It gets the job done.

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