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Grinded Weed Vs. Broken Up (with hand) Weed..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrippinOn420, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. im thinking about buying a grinder (for my blunts) i usually always smoke i it worth it and why? what difference does it make?
  2. Yea it does make a difference. Grinding up your bud makes the blunt/joint burn slower and less running. Plus you can add more if needed.
  3. you made a mistake by posting this thread, now you have to read a whole bunch of people's bs about how one method is better than the other for whatever reason
    the straight facts are that breaking up bud some resin and thc will stick to your fingers and it takes a bit more time, with a grinder you'll want a quality one for about 60$ to avoid smoking small aluminum particles as you would with a cheapy one, some crystals will get stuck to the sides but that's up to you if you find it annoying or not, but an advantage is that most grinders will collect kief which is really not an option when breaking up with your fingers
    also a grinder makes your bud a better consistency
  4. here we go.... again....

    search button really works wonders ;)
  5. Yup there are a thousand threads about this, but there really isn't a need for a grinder.
  6. Buy the grinder, with a kief collector.
  7. Buy a grinder with a keif catcher. So much better cuz you get the pure THC from the trichomes of the buds, and it makes the joint flow and burn better.
  8. Band saw FTW.

    Seriously grinder with kief collecter like the wonderful members above me already said.
  9. Shot glass and small pair of scissors ftw
  10. Grinder is the way to go i haven't broken up any bud with my hands sense i purchased my acrylic grinder.
  11. I would suggest getting one, i dont have one but it wont take as long to grind it , as with your hands
  12. Grinders are nice to have so you don't have to handle the bud so much and waste thc. Also, the keif catchers are a nice bonus. Grinders are also better at making a consistent grind so the bud burns evenly.
  13. You always want to use a grinder. Make sure you get a good one with a kief catcher.
  14. I would suggest getting one of those V Syndicate grinder cards. My buddy and I use them and they work so good. They arent great for reg though mostly for beasters and up, no seeds. They grind really fine cost around $10 (found mine for $3.50) and they were the #1 new product at the Colorado Cannabis cup last year.
  15. used to grind, stopped grinding. grinding the bud makes all the kief fall off and i want to smoke that with the weed, not have a tray of kief...

    also un ground weed works better imo in a bong. and i only smoke glass on glass pieces...
  16. I break up nugs with hands for packing a bowl but when it comes to rolling blunts or joints I always use the grinder with kief catcher yo
  17. Are you aware of actually how little thc gets absorbed into the skin with handling ? sure, when your trimming it's possible to get a little buzz, but when picking apart with hands vs grinded weed, if you smoked it you would NOT notice a difference in your high.
  18. i use manicure scissors to break up bud, but a grinder with kief catcher is nice
  19. I have a grinder with a pollen catcher. I had an old one, sold it, missed my keif too much, and bought another. Now I am deciding if I should sell it or not, I mean the keif is nice, but I feel like you taste the bud a lot more with all the trichs on it, rather than put it through a grinder.

  20. Why don't you just take the little scooper thing that came with the grinder and top off your bowls with kief or if you don't have a little scooper thing get a paper or something.

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