Grilling a whole chicken tonight with a beer can in his butt,{ pics}

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    proablly not too many of you blades have ever cooked a chicken with a BEER-CAN shoved up his ass so i thought i'd share with you....

    the beer can is filled with a broft that will evaporate as it steams and go into the chicken meat.....the silver stand you see goes right in his ass,,,

    smoked whole chicken,,,, YUMMY<------:cool:







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  2. This is a man with good taste. My uncle would always do this during the summer. You can also use coke, gives a nice sweet taste to the chicken. Put a onion at the top of the chicken and let that cook too. Good cookin man.
  3. Okay chicken, what's with the Nasty Light?
  4. Aren't those cans aluminum? Shouldn't be cooking out of that ;). Seriously though, that looks like a good idea, I'll have to get my dad to try it next holiday.

  5. the whole top of the chicken is stuffed with onions,,,,

    me and your uncle think alike,,,;)
  6. I gotta say chicken... I like your style ;)
  7. I just noticed that's Natural Ice, I should have known chicken...:cool:
  8. Haha hey man, you can't beat a 30 pack for 14 bucks. Not everyone is a beer connoisseur. College kids just want the best deal.
  9. dude dude, if you're going to go through all that effort at least use good beer! :)

    just kidding....let us know how it turns out. looks tasty.
  10. i did that last year at my parents place mom taught me how to do it makes it taste alot better good luck.
  11. hey thats so weird because my mom is cooking a turkey with mash potatoes and good stuff even though its not thanksgiving lol.. and were gonna eat it at about 30 mins so im gonna go outside and sneak a couple tokes of this dank i got from my new connect :hello: and hope yours turns out good because that looks delicous sober :wave:
  12. we call it butthole-chicken, shits delicous:hello:
  13. ive always wanted to try this,now you mix beer bullion cubes and pinaple juice in the can then throw it on?
  14. actually I heard that cooking with beer is like cooking with wine, it's preferred to use cheap crappy stuff. something about alcohol content or a waste to use the good stuff.
  15. does the "broft" in the beer can contain any beer at all? or is it a special chicken recipe, handed down the ages, of...chicken?
  16. THe name is so ironic :)
    Love it chicken!
  17. Beer-butt chicken ftw!

  18. no beer was in the can,,,, a chicken bullion cube boiled down in 1 1/2 cups of water was in the can,,,,,

    im drinking the beer..... to shove a good beer up a chickens ass is a waste.


    meat just fell off the bone,,,,i cut it up like it was a turkey...:p

  19. jeez chicken..eating your own ashamed

    nah that stuff sounds amazing...defintely something id like to try
  20. What you think the guy actualy keeps chickens around his house as pets? Maybe.... but you know everyone once in a while one of them gets ganked.

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