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  1. Hey there, I'm glad to have found this forum wich was referred to me by Smoke4Ever... looks very nice I must say...
    A little bit of personnal info
    I'm a male, i'm 19 and I live in canada ...weed here is almost tolerated, so I dont have to freak all the time (karma to those who have to face the law) I enjoy playing guitar and smoking good sensi... I'm currently growing my first grow, getting the cuttings ready for the summer....aaaaa... I'm mostly interested in buddha information, but i'm getting interested in peyote and fungi too...
    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi to all those who share one of most enjoyable hobby...

    Long live the movement, Overgrow the goverment
  2. He sensi edge!

    Welcome to the board!

    Hope you stay long :)
  3. Welcome, dude!

    Where in Canada is weed almost tolerated? I'm pretty close to Canada and wouldn't mind paying a visit to such a city!

    I wish it were that way where I live!
  4. Welcome !
    Just getting a little smoked up on some homegwown (whatever the strain was that I planted).

    Come often ,stay long. :)

  5. I live in the province of Quebec... it is almost impossible to be busted for possession here... the authorities are too busy trying to stop the dealers of stronger drugs, so we live an almost easy life, as long as you don't sell in huge quantity, the biker gangs and the police will leave you alone... it's not heaven but it's easier than in some states...
  6. Welcome!

    Be High and Merry! :p
  7. to my nothern neighbor

    welcome to the board

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