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  1. When I first started my lttle growroom/garden about 5 years ago, all I had was an old book by Ed Rosenthal called MARIJUANA GROWING TIPS (no www access), a ramshackle array of fluorescents and 'growlights',and baggie seed of dubious origin and questionable quality. I was attempting to recover from a serious brain disease which has made me slow in mind and body, and needed a hobby that couldn't outrun me. The 'hobby' has been the best of all my thrapies and rehabilitation exercises. About 3 years ago a friend gave me her old WebTV unit, I stumbled into, where some terrific folks gave me encouragement and support, and one fine fellow known as Mota20 (Bless his soul...How I miss him!) even sent me some seeds of excellent genetics. As I have gained health and strength, my garden and growroom have also improved. Now I have a 175W MH mounted to a deskchair frame, with the plants in a low box on casters. They follow the track of sunlight beneath my upperstory southfacing picture window. I have some plants in coir/clay pellets/wormcastings, and some plants in homemade 'bubblers'. My system is based on making do, recycling, and water conservation. I have a small worm 'farm' which provides the castings in return for a small output of effort in their care and feeding. They are my partners in crime, disposing of my garden waste while they boost its production with superior nutrients. I am fasinated by the mystery and magic of growing and reproducing healthy plants, which mysteriously and magically help to promote a happier and healthier me. Pleased to meet you all...jody
  2. hi there jody! hope you like it here, were all friendly!

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  3. please to meet you too.
  4. Thanks! I'm always ready to meet friendly folks! I was a loyal regular for several years, but the troll factor was getting messy and distracting. Life is too short to have to wade through sewage for the sake of knowledge if there are better ways. C U around...jody
  5. Hi Jody,

    welcome, good people here :)

  6. Thanks! I already feel at home, and look foreward to participating. Grow in peace...


    just kidding..... welcome to the coffeeshop!
  8. High Jody [​IMG]

    Welcome aboard..All great people here..
    You stay cool an grow big BUDZ.. :D
  9. being friendly seems to be what the board is about.
    i have found good people here, and am glad to have another one aboard.

    welcome jody.

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