Greetings from VA

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by The Burninator, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,

    I've been toking for a good six years or so now. Living in the shittiest little section of northern Virginia you could possibly imagine...bud's around 500/zip. I'm just about to move out to my own place, get my own binger, and thoroughly enjoy the summer.

    I've been high all day, every day, for the past year. I just started my first real T-break ever, and am on my second day now. My brain feels like it's melting. I'm mostly making this post so I have an entity to rant to about that. The good news is I have lemon diesel, snowcap, blue dream and purple cream kush waiting for me tomorrow!

    Hit me up anytime, especially if you're in NOVA, because this place SUCKS!

  2. hey man! im in nova too, and yes it sucks total ass. im in fairfax, where u at?
  3. Sterling. My girl actually lives in Fairfax, and I go to school over there (home for the summer). It's a little better over that way, at least, lol. What kinda shit are you getting?
  4. lately i've just been coppin average mids, but i've had some good shit in my day. skywalker is pretty good, don't know if you've had that.
    so you go to school over here, so i guess u go to mason?
  5. Representing McLean over here.

    Life sucks, cops at their peak, and all there is to smoke is mids.

    Hit me up.
  6. Hey i'm in Manassas.
  7. Just moved to VA Beach from NYC I've been smoking nuthin but schwag --> regs down here ... Is it hard to get good greenery down here ?.I've been drooling over some of the buds I've seen on GC ...I need to step it up cuz this schwag is like Im smokin Marlboro sLOL
  8. I've heard u get mids pretty cheap down there... keep lookin, youll find sumthin eventually.
  9. im near manassas too, in between there and warrenton. but yeah shits weeakkk around here ha. ive been trying to find anythinggg but these shady kids are wanting 100for half of mids ughh idkk what im gonna do for tha summer

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