Greetings from Long Island!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lavalamp, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hey, I've been lurking on these forums for a long time and have finally decided to register. I'm currently studying computer science and I live in Long Island, NY but am from upstate. I also work part time in IT when I am in my hometown. Glad to finally be a member of GC. :smoke:

  2. Hello & welcome....Glad to meet ya....Enjoy your stay!!

  3. Not to be too nosey but 631 or 516?
  4. 516, hempstead!

  5. Ah im in the 631 Port Jeff area
  6. hey! I live in upstate new york!
  7. I'm upstate, where were you from?
  8. outside of albany, you
  9. Awesome! I'm from upstate too and I'm also studying in long island. Small world :smoke:
  10. 631 reppin' northport danks all day :smoke:
  11. Damn, I'm from the ROC too!
  12. rochester?
  13. Yeah, Rochester.
  14. anyone from northport/east northport/dix hills?
  15. Yeah , the ROC is Rochester haha. And I have family in Northport, small world.

  16. ohh word, anyone in the high school haha? dont mean to be nosy or sketchy over the internet but i cant help but be curious
  17. I guess you'll have to stay curious then haha. For all you know I could not have family in Northport anyway

  18. true true, i feel you on that haha i just always feel like im gonna run into someone from my school on this site one day
  19. Im from the 631 Babylon area

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