Greetings from Klansas!

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  1. Well guys and gals, i finally made an account. I am at a point in my life where i am trying to find out who i am, I started smoking around three months ago, i was a "good kid" before that and a group of my friends talked me into it. No regrets and now i think im in love with the herb:smoke: So anyways, just figured i would say hello to my fellow stoners/blades/potheads/insertpreferredtitlehere
  2. Welcome to the city! Nice to meet another fellow blade from kansas
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    Klansas? Like the KKK?
    Edit: Welcome xD :bongin:
  4. Btw Kansas was a free state so I don't kno wtf "klansas" is about....
  5. Nice to know other people in Kansas toke too.
  6. Seems to be more of the Lawrence crowd on GC though...

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