Greetings, First Grow Planning + The Resulting Journal.

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  1. Hello,
    First time grower and poster here, actually first time posting on any forum.
    I have been researching for quite a while now, familiarising myself with all the different aspects of growing.
    I'm moving to my own place in just less than a month, and I've been wanting to grow for a long time, very sick of terrible prices round here (I'm paying €50 for 2-2.3g)
    The bedroom is quite small, so don't want a whole chest of drawers takes up too much space (I've enough stuff already), and I want something discreet(hidden in plain sight!!). Pc too small though, I'll need about 8-10g/month.
    Only thing I've really decided on is scrog.
    I'd like to go hydro, not sure on type, but would consider soil if you guys recommend so.
    House is detached and situated well away from other houses, but shared post box 2m from house, how is that for odor? Are homemade cf's any good??
    Also any links or info in regards to minimising fire risk, and general safety.
    Main thing on my agenda though is sorting out suitable box atm.
    Presumably cfl's, seems to be standard on smaller grows, I am open to any and all alternatives.
    I've little knowledge around suitable strains. I pref uplifting, I use primarily as mood control. But first grow and small so prob best to go indica, or would lst-ing suffice? Fans, haven't really considered.
    Best place to buy seeds (NW)Europe.
    Sorry for such long post and so many questions, for my own reference more than anything.


    P.S. I'm open to changing anything, I trust your collective wisdom.

    P.P.S. I will probably set seedlings before I move maybe some veg time too, all dependant on decisions yet to be made, looking to get going as soon as possible. ;)

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