greetings earthlings

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AshTapper33, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. sup fellas and ladies. feels good to be back, I had an account on here years ago when i was a teenager, so i figured id check the place out and maybe make it a regular forum for myself again. i toke everyday, theres no other way, but ive never grown, really looking forward to it. from the looks of it i have plenty of help in this place. anyways stay lit everyone. peace, tapper
  2. nice to see you again, well we actually never met but you know what i mean
  3. for sure man. thanks for the welcome. :smoke:
  4. You think I'm an earthling.. but really I'm


    :p Welcome back! Hope you enjoy, and if I've interpreted your first post correctly, have many successful grows!
  5. Thank you Marvin, I shall!

    Marvin and Mr. Popo almost look like they could be related lol.
  6. Hahahaha astute observation, I've never noticed that. Minus the fact that Marvin doesn't have a mouth.. pretty sure a mouth is an inherited trait :p Hm.. I wonder, what's the purpose of the little round black spot on his shoes? Some gravity manipulator? :eek: :smoke:
  7. They're little wheels that spin when you walk.

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