Greetings Earthlings

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  1. I come in peace to your planet from a long way off in a solar system not unlike yours in the andromeda galaxy as you would call it.
    I visit Earth because I find it's inhabitants most fascinating.  On my planet you don't need weed because we recieve a constant supply of the thc related molecules on a constant basis but I still smoke the good herb because I enjoy the flavor and aroma.

  2. I'll have what you're having
    on our planet, it's good manners to share some of that space weed with us.
  5. Welcome......... and do you like tacos?
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    I love tacos!  Damn now you got me hungry.  Earth makes the best tacos in the Milky Way Galaxy.  You want better tacos you have to travel many billion lightyears to a galaxy where all they eat is mexican food and sometimes I'm just not in the mood for intergalactic travel just to satisfy my munchies.
  7. As a citizen of Earth, I welcome you, as a stoner, lets blaze up space homie!
  8. .....Aaaaand looks like he got deported back to his home planet. Darn.

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