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greens or deuces??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by karmas420, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Which on you guys like the best??

    Personally i always get Greens if its my weed and depending on which friend im with i call Deuces.
  2. If its a bong i always like greens.

    I dont really give a fuck if its a blunt or a joint
  3. Yeah true that
  4. The person who brought the bud gets first hit. Deuces is a stupid thing little 15 year olds say.
  5. Never heard these terms but...

    Killing the joint is the end for us. <-- Nice :3

    Starting the bong?

    My bong, most often my weed is the bong is involved, best believe I spark it first.
  6. Green hit vs. backs (deuces).. if its my bong, I always get green hit, doesn't really matter when joints or blunts are lit.
    I don't mind backs though. Hate it when I'm third or worse though.

    We usually cycle green hit, person a the first time, person b the next, person c, etc..
  7. Lol wut
  8. Greens lol I love me a good snapper!
  9. the fuck is this dueces nonsense?

  10. greens and deuces don't even exist as terms in the UK

    and I've never heard it from the many MANY American stoners I game/aim/have met irl

    Maybe it's an <18 thing. :smoke:
  11. I'm 20, actually.
  12. I've never heard the term personally but I assume its the hit right after greens. What do you guys in the uk call the first hit?

  13. Cheech ---> chong

    Yeah I use dueces to ;)

  14. Sparking, lighting, whatever you wanna call it mate...

    They normally go to the roller (rollers rights, silly tradition imo) or the buyer.

    If I'm smoking with 2-3 we just take turns or whatever though.
  15. In my bong, every hit is the green hit. I pack enough for only one hit at a time. Cash it out, repack it, and pass it.

    With joints or blunts, he who rolls, sparks it. I typically roll my own shit for this reason.
  16. Lol. I said that because your post didn't make much sense when i read it at all. greens is the first hit of the bowl (A pretty common term) deuces is more of a younger kids thing. meaning basically the 2nd hit or who it's gonna get past to first. Doesn't take much of a <18 to understand that. Hell i think even a <10 can get that one down, England.:smoke:

  17. It's cool bro.

    We all misunderstand shit time to time, like I did. ;)

    Thought you guys meant killing/dives/saves for deuces, right at the end of any old smokable. (urbandictionary lolo)

    Greens we just call whatever you'd say for lighting anything else
  18. I didn't realize 2nds was up for debate. It goes to the left.
  19. #19 420 bruhh, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2011

    lol you joined when you were 14
  20. Whoever rolls the blunt/joint or packs the bowl lights it, whether it's their weed or not. Just the way I've done it. I really don't give a fuck who gets first hit or when I get a hit..

    When somebody is like "let's smoke a blunt" and people say shit like "deuces" or "thirds" it bugs me though. You hit it when it gets passed to you in rotation. Rotation is the only way to smoke

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