Greenops 5: 6 plant SCROG from Kush to Sour

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    Ding Ding! Round 5

    The current grow isn't even finished but you know we be growing non stop. :D

    This time I will chose the 6 best plants from the following strains:

    2 Sour Diesel - Reserva Privada
    2 Kandy Kush - Reserva Privada
    2 NYC Diesel - Soma
    3 Kosher Kush - Reserva Privada
    1 Kushberry - Reserva Privada
    1 Cheese - G13
    1 Blue Widow - Dinafem
    1 Sour Star cut - Hortilab

    Most of them started their first day under the 150w Fluros on Dec 15.
    2 Kosher Kush died after germinating (my mistake). So I germinated a 3rd one which came out 5 days after.

    After a week veg I made another big mistake. I became impatient looking at those stretched stems. I decided to gently take them out of their 1 gallon pots to scrape some bottom soil to lower the surface and bury the stretched stem.

    However, due to the premature roots, the root ball wasn't holding the soil so some kind of crumbled in the process, which have shocked a few plants.

    The NYCD2 didn't make it and the Blue Widow is kind of growing slowly. Not sure if it has anything to do with that shit i did. All other plants are doing good now, I just hope they didn't get some kind of damage that will show up later in the grow.

    Due to this fckup I asked a friend if he could spare me a clone and he offered me a Sour Star cut (ECSD x Star Bud). I just got it today, it has yellow leaves as he had some problems with his water.. It should go away once rooted in the new medium.

    So this is Day 16 (KB, BW, Cheese, Kosher Kush are younger)

    OK, so after listing all the seeds I germinated above, I finally ended up with (see picture, from top, left to right):

    Cheese, Kandy Kush2, Kandy Kush 1, Sour Diesel1, Kushberry, Sour Diesel2, Kosher Kush,
    Blue Widow, NYC Diesel and the Sour Star cut.

    And in a week I have to select the 6 I want to flower out.. wow, decision, decisions.
    If anyone wants to suggest a particular strain to be selected or cut from the selection, now would be a good time.

    The other picture is the current grow, which will be harvested in 2 weeks. The young ones will be ready.


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    Day 49 from Seed

    Ok, the thread title isn't accurate anymore because I decided to scratch my Sour D's. They were growing, stretching way ahead of the pack and I was thinking it could mess up the canopy. I took clones of them tho.

    I finally went with:
    2 x Kandy Kush
    1 x Cheese
    1 x NYCD
    1 x Kosher Kush
    1 x Kushberry

    I feel they're smaller than other plants I grew before. That's because I had to keep them in the veg cab under 110w fluros in 1 gallon pots for the first 5 weeks of veg.
    After that they've been getting 400w and obviously love it.

    Just recently I've been dealing with some pre flower issues. All 6 plants are showing very lil and fine white hairs, as they should for being fem seeds. However on 3 of 6 plants are growing some kind of balls. These balls have 2 pointy tips at the end. I hope it's just a female calyx...

    This time I will wait a lil bit longer until I switch the flip to make sure I will get the screen full.

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  3. Day 55 from Seed / Day 3 12/12

    I switched the flip 3 days ago. The screen was about 75% full and that hermie scare proved to be new growth. So there's another branch growing on the same location where a pre flower is supposed to be. I've never noticed someting like this before but now I have it on 3 plants.
    Anyway, the scrogging is going good, nuthing broken yet. Supper cropping helps too and I should keep doing it.
    Also it's on this light cycle where the plants received 600w hps for the first time. And I will continue with that setting for now.

    In this grow I'm running an experiment between two soils. On two plants (Kandy Kush 1 and Cheese) I'm using organic bat mix, on the other I'm using Plagron's Grow Mix.
    So the 2 plants in the organic soil will receive nothing but un-pH'd water. It promises more taste. Will see after this grow, I might go all organic next if the yield is right.

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  4. I see you re up to your old tricks again, well I m going to watch again if I may.
  5. In interested to see how the plant getting ph'd water goes... I was just thinking to myself if it was necessary paying $1.50 for 5 gallons when I can just use tap water with my bites instead because it changes the growth... I like ph'd water moreso for the controlled variable aspect of it
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    hell yeah... hop in. i hope I vegged long enough to make a difference from last time. But honestly I couldn't have vegged any longer than this (50 plus days) as harvest time would already be nearing the warmer days I wanted to avoid.

    Me too, adjusting the pH can be a pain and there are multiple posts I read where people say the pH up/down solution harms soil life? I still been doing it out of habit since my first grow. This time I wanted to test it out. I didn't make my own soil recipe, I bought Plagron's Bat Mix which is purely organic. I contacted their support to make sure and they confirmed, now pH, just pure water. :D
  7. 63 days from Seed / 11 days on 12/12

    The stretch has been very manageable so I just train them once a day.
    Most areas will be covered once these branches extend to the next square. For some reason they're a bit slow reacting to the flowering phase. All plants show v-shaped pistils but there aren't many of them.
    But I do feel this is going to be a good one. The scrog is getting busy and the plants look strong and healthy.

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  8. Looks like you have another good one growing man, excellent work.
  9. gracias homie! scroggers represent! :cool:
  10. Day 22 12/12 - Day 3 blooming

    Ok, so it took em a while to realize that we're flowering.
    Usually I see V-pistils popping up everywhere around the 11th day after the switch, but this time it didn't happen until 18 days after.

    I don't mind cuz I still want them to stretch some more. This scrog should be full by now if it wasn't for 2 shorter phenos of a Cheese (NE) and NYCD (MidWest).
    At least the 2 plants in the south are getting busy, that's the Kosher Kush (SW) and Kandy Kush #2 (SE). Still, all in all there are only about 3 empty squares in the middle and some at the edge around the Cheese (NE).

    My feeding schedule is alternating water and nutrients every 5-7 days. They have been fed twice now. They've been getting mostly N from the Grow Nutes and depending on the bud development I might switch to the Bloom nutes next time.

    They've been under constant training but since I notice shorter internodes I'm about to stop and just let them bud sites go up!


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  11. 27 days 12/12 - 10 days blooming

    The pistils turned to visible bud sites just couple days ago so I stopped training them too.
    They're more or less developing at the same pace, tho I notice the Cheese is slightly ahead.

    Stretch has slowed down to almost zero.Since the Batmix Plants in the North are showing yellowing from the bottom to mid area, I continued giving them doses of the Grow Nute.

    Trics are just starting to appear. No distinctive smell or stickiness yet.

    I'm out! Peace!


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  12. What a nice full screen , you gotta like this one man.
  13. If you get a type that has those thick buds, you are in business...that is going to be a fine site in a few weeks, buds everywhere... When it's heavy in flower I'm just gonna quote this lol
  14. Shit guys... I'm not sure if I can finish this one.

    I just found powdery mildew on the Cheese (top right) and Kosher Kush (bottom left)!
    A fine layer of powder on the leaves, first I thought that I could be dust or sumthin that was brought in via the intake.

    Not really sure what's causing it, the humidity never exceeds 50%. Usually it's around 30- 40%. Temps are around 78f.

    I removed quite a few infected leaves, this should also improve airflow in that area.

    Any more ideas?
  15. I've got that right now... A solution of one part milk to two parts water slows it down/kinda stops it.
  16. Pm is horrrible, I had it once and used a product called " No More Powdery Mildew". It worked but you can only use it a little ways into flower. Seranade makes a product that alot of people out here like, but I have not used that one. You cannot rid the plants of PM of course but keeping the symptoms off of your buds is about the best you can hope for.
  17. thanks guys. i did some research on it and decided to go the my grow shop. i was advised to use powdered sulfur, dilluted in water and spray it on my plants which i did last thursday. then im planning to use garlic spray and maybe baking powder spray this week. its truly fd up having to deal with this. at least i can learn sumthing from it.

    what i dont understand is, can i still smoke the buds safely as long as the PM stays away from da buds?

  18. Yes, in fact that is exactly the battle you are fighting. Keep the mildew away from the buds until harvest. Very stressful, good luck bro. :smoking:
  19. I know the baking soda will kinda deteriorate the bud. I sprayed some on it and it kinda worked on the pm, but fucked up a bud that got soda on it.
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    Thanks for the heads up dre.

    Day 43 12/12 - Day 26 flowering

    It's been a while since my last update. The battle with the Powdery Mildew has kept me busier than I would like. I was stupid enough to ignore the first signs of PM, as i was basically ignorant about it. The humidity level is low due to the climate outside so i was never worried. But the air couldn't circulate properly thru the dense scrog. I guess that's what caused it. If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of this please let me know.

    I don't know if this is considered a minor infestation or if this is already a no win situation. I have removed all infected leaves. The PM on the removed leaves was just very little, most were smaller than a finger print, even when I just see a lil sprinkle I pluck the leaf. However the amount of the defoliated leaves, especially from the Kosher K., were more than a few handful.
    Plus I suspect 2 or 3 sugar leaves of the Cheese have PM on them too. Its just hard to tell cuz of the presence of the trichomes, but there seems to be an irregular pattern in there so I cut those leaves off. Or maybe I should cut the whole branch?

    I'm not keen on making bubble out of this so I hop I will find a way to keep as much smokeable buds possible.

    So far I used a sulfur spray once at the end of 2nd week flowering. The difficulty with spraying is that u dont wanna hit the buds but also u don't wanna miss any spots!
    My friend working at a hydro store advised against the use of sulfur burners. Apparently they're not as efficient in a smaller tent like mine. He recommended a local fungicide product which I believe is chemical. Should be applied every 7-10 days and stopped 3 weeks before harvest. This i used between the 3rd and 4th week of flowering.
    Soon I'll try to use some hydrogen peroxide to blast any newly discovered PM off the leaves. Then I prolly gonna try some garlic spray.

    I just hope that all the stuff I'm spraying wont alter the taste and aroma. I dunno for some reason the NYCD leaves are turning purple. But actually the NYCD has no visible PM, also the Kushberry has very little.

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