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  1. umm yea yea say what you want about arjan being a douche and a fag but his genetics are very good (from personal experiance) and so ive narrowed my next grow to be one of these

    Alaskan Ice


    Kings Kush

    Super Lemon Haze


    Lemon Skunk

    what do you guys think i should get height isnt a problem
  2. I just ordered some Kings Kush, so that's my vote.

  3. yeah thats what im leaning torwards right now thank you man
  4. im putting and order in for Alaskan Ice,Train Wreck, Big Bang, and Lemon Skunk. all Five Pack femmed, hey if height isnt an issue go with Alaskan Ice it sounds so yummy too me i loved the high from the white widow i grew and with Alaskan Ice being more Sativa leaning it makes it all the more appealing.
  5. yeah i grew white widow big bang el nino himalya gold and cheese last time and that was in a colored fem 10 pack indica E pack loved it... so i am leaning torwards the alaskan ice and kings kush thanks man
  6. I got kings kush as well. Just need room..probably wait until summer. I wonder what strain the "grape" is. If it's like grapefruit x og kush or what.

  7. its just grape...its a strain, a cali strain i guess ive smoked it a few times a very stoney high doesnt taste or smell like grapes at all though...
  8. hows the el nino, himalya gold and big bang flower and taste? i might mix my order up a bit, i enjoy the more sativa high/hybrid more than indica but you cant beat a dense heavy bud. where are you gonna place the order threw? im gonna place mine with seeds boutique, and im guessing your U.S too?

  9. yeah im US i go threw attitude seed bank...i always have and theres a discount if you put 420 in the coupon box... and mannn el nino wasnt as great as i thought it would big bang was a nice smooth smoke heavy yielder and great potency and himalya was more like a sativa, or it could of been me because with all the other plants it didnt have much room and stretched but the 1 o i got off it was so nice... they all smelled pretty skunky all had dense nugs hard as rocks... but there tastes were different, el nino was very spicy i loved it, the big bang tasted alot like skunk#1 and himalaya tasted alot like a haze but gave a body high so it was weird
  10. I ordered Kings kush also and btw the genetics are Og kush x Grape ape
  11. Keep in mind that the Kush in Holland is not like the Kush here in California.

    Not sure where you live or if you care. Just some info.

    If I were you, and had the patience/time to wait for it to fully ripen, I'd go with the Super Lemon Haze. I smoked some at the Cannabis Cup last Nov. and it was incredible.

    Check out the link below for my review.

    [Super Lemon Haze]

    Hope this helps.


  12. oh seriously? yeah i live in cali and thanks for telling me that...

    what is it like? and i heard the super lemon haze is insane..
  13. It's stony, it's just not as danky as the OG that has flooded the W. Coast.

    Seems like every aspect is muted a little bit compared to the kush here. Taste, smell, buzz, etc.

    Super Lemon Haze took 1st place overall in teh 2008 Cup. Very good sativa. Tasted like Lemon Heads candy.

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    you are a big help chubbs thank you so much...i saw your review of the SLH and it was perfect... im 100% getting the lemon haze now.. and as for the kush i wont get it anymore, i think im going to go with the alaskan ice & super lemon haze & a 5 pack of trainwreck :hello:

    chubbs your the man and if i could +rep i would haha you should be a strain helper person that helps people pick a strain to grow
  15. I ordered their Trainwreck and Alaskan Ice. And so far, the trainwreck looks absolutely fantastic. I've got two different train phenos, one is a little shorter than the other, and SUPER bushy with a ton of huge fan leaves, but still extremely branchy. The other is much more sativa-leaning and has the typical christmas tree structure with an insane amount of side branches. I can't wait until they are both done.

  16. thank you so much.. i cant wait to put in my order... what about the alaskan ice?
  17. Well so far the Alaskan Ice is growing quite a bit slower than the TW. So it is about 8-10" compared to around 2ft and 1 1/2ft for the two TW (all started at the same time). However, this may be a good thing because Im pretty sure the AI will REALLY stretch once flowering sets in. I have a feeling she may be a 10-11 weeker compared to around 9 or so for the TW. The AI also has some of the biggest fan leaves ive ever seen (8-9" from stem to tip). I really do think the AI will be an incredibley good smoke and am eager to see her once shes done.

  18. damn this is such a big help :hello: and thats one of the things that im scared about is the AI stretching and out doing the TW and then the TW stretching because i have to move my light farther up... but it looks like that might not happen :yay:

    how many of each do you have? and how many weeks into are you?
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    Well I am doing a soil (FFOF) grow with a 400w HID

    I started with:

    3 Alaskan Ice fem
    3 TW fem
    4 Mazar I Sharif (freebies)
    2 Thai skunk x THC Bomb (my own little creation for which I still need a name)

    I vegged them all for three weeks under a MH. In total I ended up keeping 6/12 plants:

    2 TW
    2 AI
    1 Mazar
    1 Thai x bomb

    I only have room for 4 plants to be flowered at a time, so I have a small "vegging" box where I currently have three clones(2 TW and 1 Mazar), and two original plants, the AI and the thai cross which I plan to keep slowing vegging until the 4 (2 TW, AI, Mazar) are done flowering, which are currently 17 days into flowering.

    I also just transplanted my flowering AI from a 2 1/2 gal pot into a 3 1/2 gal in hopes that she might start to take off and join the rest at the top of the canopy.
  20. i'm 4 weeks into some HG and it's looking good

    if height isnt a problem then I would def go for the SLH and Arjans Haze #3 - it's a mix of nevilles haze, laos & super silver haze - it's 80/20 sativa dom and yields massively

    "AH3 has a woody sativa flavour, a taste of musk and campfires. Underneath is a scent of mint and lemon grass. this haze delivers a potent high with the qualities most haze fans desire; a soaring clear headed sensation that is never too heavy on the body. It is a terrific strain for creative moods and for the euphoria it can contribute to recreational activities"

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