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    Hey guys
    I'm starting again outdoor but in greehouses for seedling protection
    In How many weeks aprox. or when (phisically) the plant can be out of the greenhouse?
    38 x 24 x 19 cm
    Should I look for a bigger greenhouse?
    I don't wanna do nothing indoor, just outdoor...

  2. Id take them out about 10 days from sprout. Be sure to build humidity when planting seed by leaving the top vent close,
    After you see them sprout open vent for air flow.
  3. And i just put them out of the greenhouse when they're topes reach the dome right?
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    Soon as you see roots leaking from the bottom of your medium (rock wool/jiffy pots/pellets)
  5. Ok, im just doing it with a dome just to they be fine before going outdoors
    last grow i started outdoor and got many root rots as a seedling.
    And about watering, when you germinate,you should water it all to keep it humid, since they are also on a dome , and there is many humidity, when you should water again? ( i don't want to overwater )
  6. @[member="JaNicPin"] friend, what you think about this greenhouse
    I'm just confused because of the waterings. I mean, as a seedling you suppose to water it all until they pop out. But if they pop out, and there is humidity (caused by the greenhouse) , won't it stress the plant because overwatering? I mean, will they dry inside the box , when there is many humidity?

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