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  1. Do These plants look healthy. also can anyone tell me if they are male or female and does anyone have a idea of the strain, I got the seeds from some weed i smoked a while back and decided to germinate them and pop them in a pot. so far im happy with them apart from the few yellow leaves at the bottom, this is my first ever grow so im a bit of a noob! 
    Any help is greatly appreciated

  2. These are my babies! 

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  3. No one can tell the strain, and no preflowers are showing that I can tell, so can't tell gender. Plants appear to be suffering from lack of N.
  4. See the slight yellowing of the bottom leaves is an indication of (N) feeding is required, as a noobie I'd consider foilar feeding, as you can't really overfeed and end up on here in 2 weeks, with nute issues.
    Of more concern is the liquid on the glass pane, and the dirty table, both are an indication of your experience as a gardener so stay sharp, and read up about Pythium
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    I think I can see some pistils at the top of the plant on the left, therefore making it a female.
    I can't see any pre-flowers on the plant to the right.I would wait a couple weeks and come back as it's too early to tell.
    I would separate the plants for now as if one is male and the other female the male could pollinate the female causing seeds to form in the buds. Both appear to have a nitrogen deficiency as to the yellowing of the leaves.
  6. Have they revealed gender?
  7. Not yet, but they are looking alot healthier and have shot up in size, I think the main problem was underwatered them, they were in small pots, but ive repoted them into the bigger pots in the first picture and i now know the right water amounts to use and when, ive also been misting them with water spray to simulate light rainfall and hopefully encourage more growth, I have taken some pictures just now, when i find my camera cable i will upload them and hopefully you can give me a bit of feedback
    Would love to see your girls again, thanks and good day.
  9. Here are some Pics from the other day and just before, I am about 90% sure the bigger one of the two is a female and im not sure what the smaller one is, If you could help me with the sex it would be much appreciated! 
    in the next few days I will try and get my good camera out (these photos taken from my iphone) and take some decent pictures so they can be propper diagnosed with the sex! 
    all the leaves that have been turning yellow i have been trimming off. and It doesnt seem to have caused a problem so far. 
    Im going to try and be more active with posting pictures in this thread aswell and hopefully by when they are ready to be harvested there will be some killer bud!
    Any help/advice is much appreciated
    Thanks dudes!

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  10. From what I can tell they are both females! THIS IS GOOD! but im hoping you guys can give me a second oppinion, also, i have no idea of the strain, will there be any way to find out once they have been harvested?
  11. They both have these wich i am pretty sure make them females, just the smaller 'left' plant's ones are smaller

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  12. That's not pistils and it appears your plants may have spider mites?
  13. Its not spider mites its money spiders, they are on the grapevine going along the roof of my greenhouse, and im pretty sure they are pistils, i shall upload some better pictures in the morning.

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