Greenhouse Effect dangerous?

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    Well, I was sitting here working on my research paper, when my friend texts me and says that hes got some stuff called "Greenhouse Effect." I told him if it's anything like K2 or Spice I'm not interested, as I have only heard bad things about them. Has anybody heard of "Greenhouse Effect?" If you have is it hazardous to your health?
  2. It's probably JWH-018 sprayed herbs. If it's anything like the actual greenhouse effect of exhaust, I would not want it in my lungs.
  3. spice(k2) is the shit, gave me sweet visual trails and was mad blazed
  4. stick to the shit you know is safe. aka weed.
  5. I've done k2 multiple times.. First two times were pretty intense but i'd way rather smoke bud.. It felt like i grew a quick high tolerance for it... I'll stick with my sticky green buds over that fake shit
  6. unless you were being monitored for something like idk, parole? :rolleyes:
  7. Then i wouldn't smoke anything period unless it was tobacco... Alot of people are testing for those synthetic marijuana's also.. Also i'm sure its worse on your health then marijuana anyways.. But hey your gonna do what you wanna do in the end :wave:
  8. well its technically an incense meant for being burnt not inhaled or even consumed

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