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greendragon strikeout!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by primo71, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. decided to do a greendragon strikeout, excuse the audio i kno its shit but w.e. this is my second attempt because we fucked up the filming from the 1st one, and 30 mins after doing this i was on my bean bag spacing out

    enjoy :hello:

  2. sick, I didn't see you blow your hit out though?
  3. yeah we couldnt film right last night, plus i sploofed it out so so it didnt look all that great
  4. Lol 1 shot, 1 beer, 1 hit, and u struck out?
  5. Depending on what is used, one strikeout can get me feeling ripe as hell. 1 shot wild turkey, 1 Bell's Stout, and a generous hit of purple kush is my preferred set-up for an attempt.
  6. Lol wild turkies 101 proof, thats a whole diff ball game with sum purp kush. ;)
  7. Nice job bro. I don't doubt that you were royally fucked afterwards.
  8. Fuckin Hate beer, but i'll post one up, it looks kool lol.

    I'll be using Tequila, probably keystone or budlight, and 1 bowl o' Supa WhiteWidow Haze.

    Great vid man.:wave:
  9. yeah b/c i been drinking all night long, and as i said that was my 2nd attempt, been ripping bowls all night n throwing down shots so that strikeout sent me over the edge

    good times:cool:
  10. O I C. Looong Night lol. :smoke:

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