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Discussion in 'General' started by XUFCshroomeryX, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. anyone ever tryed this ecstacy pill how was it? was it tweaky?

  2. i took it last friday. it was extremely tweaky. quite a thick pill... i took just one. i was flying.

    it was a very nice and mellow high; not too strong, but not weak at all. upped like crazy. danced and danced and danced. came down after about 4 hours. then it was chill for about 30 minutes and i was up again. after the first day of no sleep... the next morning i started cleaning out my car and scrubbing my back patio. hrmm...

    this pill is like a roller coaster; you'll be going up and down like crazy.

    and i'm telling you...
    you will get no sleep! not a wink! no matter how hard you try, for approximately 2 days.

    good pill though. plan to get more tomorrow night.
  3. we had blue x-boxes that were decent, and provide a mellow type roll, and there were green x-boxes floating around that had the straight classic E feel to them, nothing special....right now weve got g-spots like CRAZY for cheap, but i dont do E anymore..
  4. i have had green ones before

    actually that was my first pill, i didnt roll verhard and mine were not tweaky at all, i slept them off actually

    the green ones were pretty shitty quality around here though

    i had some yellow hard pressed ones, and they were fucking awesome, could sleep them off, and you were up, best pill i have had yet

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