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  1. These are my plants, they are about 3-4 weeks old. I don't know if they are too small or not. They have been in my closet since birth. I transplanted 2 into better soil, first they were all growing in the nasty muddy soil. I'm putting them outside into better soil soon.

    Some of the leaves have brown spots on the, idk what that is please help. The very small leaves on all of them have turned brown also.

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  2. Do my plants really suck so bad I get no replies :(.. Give me some feedback GC :eek:. They are outside now btw, the sooner I get replies the sooner I'll update with more pictures :D
  3. Well one thing I noticed is that you used a really weak light to start them off by how stretched they are...they stretching for the light now that u put them outdoors you should try to avoid direct sun for the first week or so.

    Then I would also recommend starting a vert fert like fox farm grow big at a 1/4 strength.

    Good luck my friend keep us posted x)
  4. Oh man, I already placed them into direct sunlight not much I can do now. 2 of them are doing good, 1, the biggest, is drooping over :(.. I have some fertilizer ill use this week, lets see how it goeesss.:smoke:

    Also, they kinda stretched because the first 2 days they sprouted I had them 5ft from the light. I don't think they have stretched anymore since then.

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