Green tea = bitter

Discussion in 'General' started by Bud Head, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. What can be added to green tea to make it taste better..

    It taste just like ground up green veggies..

    I want to alter the taste with out altering the effects!
  2. I'm not sure you're talking about pot tea, or real green tea. If it's the latter, this should help you BH:

    Q. Why does Green Tea sometimes taste bitter?
    A. Due to the delicate flavor of green tea if proper brewing instructions are not followed it can taste bitter. We strongly recommend the following brewing instructions:

    1. Place 1 tea bag in a cup
    2. Allow fresh cold water to come to a boil
    3. Remove kettle from heat and allow to cool for 1 to 3 minutes
    4. Pour water over the tea bag and steep 2-3 minutes and remove
    5. Add orange or lemon and sweetener if desired

    If the boiling water is not allowed to cool before it is poured over the tea bag, it will result in a bitter tasting cup of tea. If the tea still tastes bitter try allowing the water to cool even longer, 3-4 minutes.

    From this site:
  3. It's a powdered tea.. It's like a veggie tea.

    It's bitter enough to make me not want to drink it.. LOL

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  4. me an dr_krapp melted butter an hash together once an mixed it into hot chocolate, ah back in the good times.
  5. BH, perhaps you could try cutting down the dose by just a wee bit, seems this would help with the bitterness. Or perhaps add a little sweetner?
  6. Sweetner would help..

    You can imagine what it taste like from the discription above.

  7. maybe thats why its bitter...from whats in it..... cause usually, if its that good for ya, it certainly doesn't taste like it is......

    if you want to keep on the healthy approach towards it, try adding just a bit of honey..... :)
  8. or try putting in some creamer, maybe a flavoured one. maybe enough to just hide the taste of bitterness a bit.
  9. Back when I actually cared about being healthy, I drank one cup of green tea per day. I found that adding a little honey immediately after removing the bag (in your case, before the tea has a chance to cool) helps to minimize the bitterness.
  10. I'll definately try thr honey.. I hope that does the trick!!!!!
  11. I hope that it helps! :D

    By the way, do you actually live in Tennessee? If so, in what area?

  12. Yes.. in the middle close to Nashville

  13. I see. I'm from Kentucky originally, so I'm somewhat familiar with that region. Bonnaroo was amazing last year. My Dad owns a cabin over in the mountains of East Tennessee. That's a beautiful area as well.
  14. I visit the moutains a couple times a year or more.. I love it up there..

    The wife is from north eastern part of KY.. Near the coner of KY,V,and WV..

  15. I'm actually from the opposite side. Henderson, Kentucky. It's a shitty little town across the river from Evansville, Indiana. Not exactly an impressive claim to fame. :D
  16. The wifes sister lives in Jeffersonville Indianna.. Down the road from Evansville..

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