Green stuff in light bulb vape.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Prevail91, May 6, 2011.

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    Ok ive been hitting my lightbulb vape for a while and its a clear bulb, and i did rinse it out with salt. but theres this ring of hard green stuff around the top next to the metal. its really hard to get out. im wondering if i could get cancer or something from hitting the vape cause of that?

    My hits have been good, good taste, good high, and no throat problems after aside from dryness that weed does.

  2. Been curious about that myself... I cant seem to scrape it out but from what I've heard from people it isn't toxic. I could be wrong though....
  3. I know they coat certain lightbulbs with hazardous paints and other various applicants... perhaps the green coating is a side effect of heating these applicants? I could be wrong.
  4. Back in the day when i used to use lightbulbs for a vape i remember there was always this tanish brown crusty stuff that i could never fully remove and i think it was there to hold the metal on and towards where the metal met the glass it had that green ring. Either way if your lighting the bulb far enough away from that and not overheating the bulb you can feel right where that green line is that it doesnt get too warm so you should be fine ive never had any health issues from it and i used to use my bulb vape all the time

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