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Green leaf cigars make your heart bleed...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Mr.Greenery, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Well..this guy told me it makes your heart bleed. I decided to come on here to get further information about it and to see if anyone else heard about this.
  2. im definitely callin BS on that.
    If that were the case itd probably be illegal to sell them.
  3. i wouldn't go as far to say it makes your heart bleed, but it is defiantly not good for you. it has nicotine (very bad for you) as well as many other industrial chemicals.

    then again the paper represents a very small portion of the smoke going into the lungs, so it can't be all that bad. i would advise against smoking many blunts, as in several a day, but one now and then isn't going to kill you.
  4. actually, wait...
    technically, shouldn't your heart bleed? i mean, thats its purpose, right? to pump blood into you//?

    i dk, im stoned, but if you mean like, blood gushing outta ur heart, yea i doubt green leafs do that lol
  5. hope not. i smoke blunts like it's my job.
  6. that is one of the worst assumptions to make. just because its legal doesn't mean its safe, just as illegal things (like cannabis) are harmless.

    never make it the job of government to tell you what things are safe, exercise personal choice.

    tobacco and alcohol, if used to excess, WILL greatly increase your risk of MANY unpleasant conditions.
  7. I couldn't imagine how, green leaf cigars are just another type of tobacco leaf called candella, they tend to be fresher and "juicier" candella leaves ftw!

  8. its not an assumption that because its bad for you, itd be illegal...

    its an assumption that the heart is the most vital organ, and that internal bleeding easily can cause death. Internal bleeding from the heart would ABSOLUTELY constitute the illegalization of something. my assumption not only excersized personal choice, but the fact that i think for myself, and make educated guesses based on factual information
  9. I think if they made your heart bleed they would be taken off the shelves immediately. Sure there are products out there that the government knows aint safe for us but they would not let a store sell cigars that made your heart bleed.
  10. green condoms make girls nonnies shrivel. . .

    i just figured since we're tossing out total farces here

  11. yeah and shrooms make your stomach bleed too.:D
    keep blazin:smoke:
  12. hmm never heard that, i've heard that garcia vega's make your lungs bleed because it contains fiber glass(as do newports to make a smoother taste).
  13. That is from a Bizzy Bone song Frieday. "Never smoke on green leaves it'll make your heart bleed, heart bleed." It is a great song. Check it out.
  14. Oh, and BTW Newport cigs DO NOT contain fiber glass. That rumor started because they tried to develop a smokeless cig and did a few experiments with fiber glass, but these were never mass produced much less distributed.
  15. weve found an avid newport smoker!

    they absolutely do contain fiberglass, dont kid yourself.

    and even if you want to go off on the tangent that they dont, ok lets say that...
    they still contain arsenic, formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, tar, nicotine, benzene, and carbon monoxide... a few of the many HUNDRED/THOUSAND deadly chemicals found in cigarettes

    keep smokin em tho cuz they dont have fiberglass, itll be alrite
  16. Gahhh, I see no reason a company would put ammonia and formaldehyde(controlled substance) into cigarettes. Why? the propaganda states that it makes us more addicted, but no ammonia would just leave a bad smell. Sorry that has to be wrong.

    Fiberglass? Wrong, they would be sued in a heartbeat. That makes no sense, your blood doesnt do the "magic" transfer of nicotine. Alivolia(spelling?) do. Cutting those would kill the ability for you to transfer the nicotine in the first place.

    The whole logic makes no sense, unless of course those substances were there from the plant and not actually added by the big evil corporations.
  17. chewing tobacco and dip can contain fiberglass. apparently ive heard it cuts your lip allowing for more nicotine to be absorbed, but i dont know if this is true or not
  18. look at a cigarette under a blacklight. in the southern US they put accelerents on the paper so the cigarette burns to nothing. it's illegal in northern states (at least in new york) to produce them like that because people fall asleep and burn their shit down. oh yeah and that whole cancer thing is pretty intense
  19. Ive heard this also, That at least makes sense. But still there would have been a lawsuit ages ago if someone did tests and found fiberglass.

    More bullshit propaganda.

    WE GET IT, SMOKING KILLS PEOPLE! People dont have to spread lies to get others to understand that.

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