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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gringo, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. would growing in a greenhouse b better than in the open or indoors? or would it b best to actually have the plants placed in the open where the sun gets2 them all day round until it sets??
  2. I grow in a greenhouse and It does real good for me. I have a fan and vents that i have fixed to control climates and moisture. I grow several plants at a time and with having some other veggies in there also helps hide them!

    All in all the green house is the best place for me!
  3. I was wondering do you use 12/12 in your greenhouse, if so how do you block out the light? or do you just let nature take its course?
  4. at the moment ive got 5 plants, im not looking on selling or anything, just want em for my own use, nothing big or anything, i was just wondering what would b better for them to grow thats all, sometimes the sun doesnt stay out for long u c, i live in the uk! its crap! thanx 4 the help tho!
  5. Gringo, the sun here has been pretty bad lately, however provided they get about 5 hours each day it shouldn't be a prob. Mind you the fucking rain has been a prob for weeks now! Been covering my outdoor crop as much as poss!
    It is predicted to be the same rainy shit for the near future, well in somerset it is.

    Let's just cross everything and hopefully the sun will appear for a more lengthy visit!
  6. yeah i live over in Leeds and its ben as crap as shit! ive got big spiderwebs in my greenhouse too, so i dont wanna go in their no more! :(

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