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Green Goblin/Toking when your around adults

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlgpro, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys this is a 2 part question:

    1) i got offered to buy 2 g's of green goblin for $35 is this a good price? also is it a "crazy/bubbly" high or more of a "chill/mellow" high?

    2) i'm currently living with my parents (about to leave for college 18), and of course they are against weed. if i were to toke up with them home, do you think they would be able to tell i was high? (i've smoked only once before, i dont have too much expirence with being high)


  2. Don't know much about it. I think it would be more of the "chill mellow" high.

    Yes they definitely would. Until you get more experienced I don't think you should smoke at home, very risky.
  3. 1. Green Crack, apparently known as Green Goblin as well, is of the Sativa family making it more of an 'upped' high. However, while it is an 'upped' high, Green Crack is also a very cerebral high. This means that your brain will be effected at a higher level than most strains.

    2. They would probably know. Until you build an understanding for self-control while you're high, it is very hard to be around someone sober and hide it.
  4. thanks, i appreciate it. Also i think the bud might be pre-gound. it pretty much sucks because i cant tell what it is. Is there anyway to identify if the bud has mold on it after it has already been ground up?
  5. Your bud doesn't have mold. I've never actually seen or heard of it. That's like saying grit exists. It is nothing more than outside particles that get in and are all safe to smoke. Well, not exactly safe but definitely not any worse than smoking tobacco or marijuana, itself.
  6. I havnt heard GREEN GOBLIN since UGK's its supposed to bubble

    I got that green goblin baby can you buy dat, plus i got swishers sweets for days, you wanna try dat
  7. whats the worst they could do
    show them the movie The Union
    if u want to
    unless they are stupid or stubborn they will know its not bad for you...
    i say risk it
    r u alone or with friends?
    also i think the price isnt bad go for it
  8. 1. If it's dank and you enjoy the high, yes.
    2. Yes. Wait until you're able to control your high better to toke a home unless they're asleep and there's no chance of you seeing them. Even then you could do something stupid that you don't mean to and get in trouble though so who knows. If you're going to though use the search function to find out what you need in order to minimize the smell and things of that nature. There are plenty of Threads up on it already.
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    If you are smoking at home, just make sure there is no smell. Open a window, blow out the window, and leave it open. Flick your lighter by the window and see which direction the wind is blowing in, only smoke if the flame is pulled out of the window. Only use pipes when trying to be discreet, and don't let your pipe's bowl start to cherry (Flame staying lit) either or it will give off smell. Cover the bowl with your thumb (It can get hot) and completely clear all hits. A little spray and an incense will kill whatever smell is left. If you have good ears, then close/towel the door. If your ears are not very good, leave the door cracked so you can hear someone coming.

    Yes, they will be able to tell you are high. Once you build a tolerance, or get used to being high you will be able to control yourself and act normal. Eye drops, gum, and hand sanitizer will help. Don't spray any cologne or body spray, Body spray/chewing gum is a dead giveaway and you shouldn't smell like weed if you do this right in the first place. If things get out of control, if you think you'll get caught, just go to sleep. Thats all, oh and have some eye drops ready when you wake up because eye drops will wear off in your sleep and your eyes will be bloodshot when you wake up (If you get red eyes).
  10. If the dealer isn't pullin your leg on the name, then yes 2g's at $35 is not a bad price for Green Crack. Me and my girl agree that it's some of the dankest bud we've gotten.

  11. Truth. I had the worst paranoia when I got some Green Crack, and I was still a noob to weed.. wish I had some now. It's a little pricy, but if it's seedless and well cured, you're not getting a bad deal.. not a good deal either though.
  12. you sure its not oregano?
  13. you are most likely going to get ripped off because if i were your "dealer" i would make up some dumb name like that and say its ground up if i were trying to rip you off. Best thing you can do is ask him to smoke some with you if he says no he probably does not want to smoke that discusting oregano he gave you because if it was weed who would turn down a free smokeup?
  14. 1. Yeah that seems like a decent price for that.
    2. Wait untill you can controll your high before you attempt to blaze at home. :smoking:

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