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Green dragon

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jacksonn, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Do you have to cook the ganja before putting it in your alcohol?
  2. I do this

    Grind bud 4G
    Spread bud on a piece of aluminum foil
    Put in oven@ 325f for 5 min
    Place a wide mouth 1 pint canning with 2 oz of 151 proof rum in a pan with 2 inches of water and the vent fan on. Bring the 151 up to 170f while decarboxylating your bud. Add the decarbed bud to the 151 it will be at a slight boil. Cook 20 minutes while your cooking, grind up 1/2g of hash and decarb using bks methods. Remove your canning jar now with green dragon in it from the pan with the water. Strain the liquid through a strainer lined with wet cheese cloth. Rinse your canning jar then rewash your material with 1 more once of 151. Then take your cheese. Cloth and make a little bundle with your bud in it. Put that in a garlic press and squeeze all the goodness out into your canning jar. Add you decarbed hash keif or oil to the jar and put your canning jar with your second wash and the hash or concentrate in it back into a pan with water. Cook for 20 min stirring constantly temp 170. Add this to your first batch and you have Green Dragon Tincture. I use amber glass dropper bottles I get at the container store light damages THC. Each batch comes out wit varying potency. I titrate with 1 dropper wait 2 hr's to check. Enjoy that high mellow or strong. Next day I adjust my dose.

    This Works.

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