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Green Dragon Recipe

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cloudman, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. Hey, i was wounderen what the stem/triming/scrap ratio to booze was and what booze to you guys recomend
  2. From multiple forums I've put together this recipe:

    .5 grams of bud per ounce of liquor will make 2-3 shots get you high. use any liquor that is 40% alcohol, and at least 80 proof
    so put the ripped up bud in a big jar, pour alcohol in with it, and stir. let it sit in a room temperature dark spot for at least 2 months. stir it twice a week then let it go back to sitting.

    Just the other day I poured 750ml of vodka on to about 14 grams of bud.
    I will be drinking it around the start of September (for my birthday) and I will for sure make a post saying how it went + the recipe.
  3. Thanks mr criminal, BTW what about using raw either, i have head that if you follow the same recipe for green dragon (esentuly) you can skim the top of it and get hash oil. Is this true?
  4. Wow thats cool, i was just smokin' out of my bong before i posted it and like 30 seconds later i was out trimin the plant!
    well any way, anybody know bout the raw either?
  5. I just realized you asked about stems/scraps.. I read somewhere that 300 grams of stems is enough for 750ml of alcohol. But the person said they also threw in 3-5 grams of actual weed in there.
  6. i like milk...shake it up and mmm.
  7. ive never heard of this green dragon drink. what is the difference than just smoking? any? because i might have to give this a try.
  8. The difference is there's alcohol in it
  9. The main difference is you will be ingesting the thc instead of inhaling it. Which supposedly gives a heavier and longer stone.
  10. I wanted to say that, but after my alcohol comment I felt there had to be a pause before I posted again.
  11. I would STRONGLY ugre you against drinking pure ether... or even ether with pot in it. There's a reson that ether is used to "painlessly" kill frogs in the science lab.. it's deadly.
  12. Who said anything about drinking ether..
  13. cloudman did....

  14. choclate milk in a bag from kwik trip... mmmm
  15. uh i wasn't gonna drink it, skim the top for hash oil was my plan.
  16. Man. If anyone was planning on drinking ether, they deserve to not be corrected.
  17. i have just over 20g of stems in about half a pint of ciroc vodka..... it looks great...greenish brown....and all you see is tricombs glistening in the vodka...

    i have only a cple of weeks left i let it sit for 2months and almost one week so far....lil extra time can't do any harm..
  18. Save all the stems from your green when u have enuff put em in a pan with boling water let it boil for bout 10minutes then drink the water by making a cup of tea with it you'll be buzzing after that. Nicely :)
  19. I thought thc wasn't water soluble.
  20. /\/\ Well my mate made me some once, we were out of weed but had quite alot of stems around so put it in and after i drank it bout 10 minutes after i was feeling nicely buzzing on it, not as hard as you be on bud but a nice high, i admit i had a wee headache afterwards though, i reccomend you try it next time your dry.

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