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green dragon question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by brian8472, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. how much weed would i need for 200 ml of 40% vodka? i threw in a fat .7 chunk should i add more? and how many oz's is 200 ml's? can somone convert?
  2. i have no idea how thats supposed to work but i'll tell you what ima do soon.. buy a bottle of 80 proof vodka drinka few shots buy an 8th of kind and dump the whole thing in there bwhahaha if that doesnt knock me off my ass nothing will =)
  3. ya i figuared it out 200 ml of vodka is 7 oz so a 750 ml bottle of vodka is about 26 oz so its good to know i guess cause good green dragon is hard to make
  4. You need atleast 120 proof for it to work well.
  5. not true 80+ will work fine its as long as you get the right weed/vodka ratio and i found it :D for my 7 oz bottle i need atleast 2.5g
  6. just grab some Bacardi 151 if that dosent do it nothing will
  7. Yea, 151 works really really well, but I've never tried vodka... I'd imagine it just takes longer?
  8. takes longer to make but is just as good. real green dragon is with vodka and im a guy who likes his vodka :) i would imagine it would be much more potent with bacardi 151 or any other 50% alc + drinks fuck it why not just use some moon shine in that case? lol
  9. or you could just forget about the trees and take 151 shots that works good too :D

  10. I took a few shots of Bacardi 151 last week not knowing what it was and this was after about 15 beers. Lets just say the outcome was not a pretty sight. :p
  11. I have a pint of 151 and an eigth of some bud, mixing it together tomorrow and putting it away for a week =D
  12. what % alc is 151?
  13. well......... its 151 proof, so 75.5
  14. It is an important life skill to know how to convert between % alcohol and proof. Just divide proof by 2! I hear that the whole thing got started so they could rip off the native americans in the 19th century.
  15. or you just kill yourself and use grave yard vodka!!!(where the fuck am i?)
  16. what the fuck is grave yard vodka?
  17. Just use EC (Everclear) 190-Proof (95%)...barely any water in that stuff..I'd advise mixing it with something when you finally do consume it though: that stuff is strong as hell but smoother going down in a mixed drink than 151.
  18. sounds like swish lol
  19. how green does it have to be? very green or just mildly green?

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