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'Green Dragon' Hash oil

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mracer900, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I have made green dragon before by soaking 7g in a half of 1/5 of everclear for 3 weeks and shaking the mixture 10 min per day. once i finished that i strained out the bud... Once i dreid the nastly looking dried bud it only weighed 1.85g. So that means 5.5g has dissolved into the 1/10th of everclear. One and a half shots of this and i would be completely gone. But myu question then is.... If i were to boil out the alcohol in like a sauce pan would it leave the honey oil behind in like a oil form? Because i know when alcohol evaporates it only boils out the alcohol so techniquly i should have hash oil left over, right?:smoke:
  2. i think, but i think there are better methods for that, and cleaner ones, just have that shit for when u wna have a good night, take a shot b4 u go out then drink easy cause everclears no joke.
  3. It would work, since everclear is jsut grain alcohol. But, since you had it soaked in there so long you will end up with the fuck-nastiest grunge oil on earth.

    When I'm making oil I usually rinse for 30 seconds or less. Comes out golden. If your green dragon is green then your oil will be green and taste like chlorophyll. Drink it :)

    I was actually going to start a batch of GD last night, but I forgot to pick up everclear. I'm going to get some today I think :)

    Oh and be careful boiling straight alky...explosions can (and will) occur. Been there, done it and the T-shirt went up in flames, yo.;)
  4. What do you mean by rinse for 30 seconds? but do you think if i made it the way i was thinking you'd still get fucked up in like 2-4 drops?

  5. It will not be as potent as properly made hash oil, no. By rinse, I mean my weed only goes into the alcohol for 30 seconds or so before getting strained out and then I make oil with it. By letting it soak for so long you made a great bottle of green dragon, but it's not nearly pure enough to be good oil. It's full of chlorophyll and other planty substances that will not get you high, which means it will take more to get you stoned.

    You said 5.5 of the 7g dissolved into the everclear? That should mean ~5.5g of hash oil afterwards. That is way more than you should get out of a quarter ounce.

    Drink it and have fun... Then make some good oil later. I'll dig up a tutorial for you... I'll be back.
  6. Ok, here is a post I made a while back. This is how to make oil.


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