Green Dragon and other things

Discussion in 'General' started by grand_wizard8, May 13, 2004.

  1. SO i had an idea for green dragon, could I jsut use bud, instead of using friggin bud stems?
    Also, if I got burger meat w/ lots of fat, could i jsut chop up budz and mix it in w/ fatty raw burger meat, and then cook the burger?
  2. yea, you can use buds for green dragon, it makes it taste alot better (depending on the quality of the bud), and it makes it alot stronger.though you have to put it in everclear for a really really long time to get all the thc.

    and you can cook mj into hamburger, but its not the best way to go about eating it...
  3. Thanks man, I sort of figured the thing about the burger.
    But could you enlighten me...What the fuck is evercelar?
  4. nasty tasting high proof alcohol. it's good for green dragon (and it's cheap) but 151 rum would taste a lot better.

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