green dots, and pigment loss???

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  1. im a little over a month into flower and my bigger fan leaves r turning yellow and shriveling, ive also noticed that the ones that are dying have these little tiny dark green dots surrounding larger whiter areas. most of the leaves are a nice dark green, but the bigger ones are dying off. and those white spots have been around for a while and coming in on more leaves, even healthy ones.

    -im using mg soil(dumb i kno)
    -fox farm big bloom
    -and i used some cal mag nutes about a week ago to try to cure the leaf loss.
    -buds r lookin healthy
    -i do hav fungus gnats which i am trying to cure with potato slices, to extract the larva and garlic to deter them.
    -im pretty sure theres no spider mites, i havnt seen any signs of them that i kno of.
    -soft white cfl 12/12
    -havnt watered in about 5 days, soils still wet

    any input is appreciated

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  2. Hearing your soil is still wet after 5 days leads me to think its mold. What are your temps, humidity, lights?

  3. humidity is never over 40, usually around 28, temps usually around 70-76 and im using 6- 150w soft white cfls. the topsoil is dry but a couple inches down it still feels moist. i can see it pretty good with my loope and it doesnt look like any mold ive ever seen, it looks more like tiny dark green seeds, almost like the leaf is bleeding its pigment.

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