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  1. So I'm kind of pissed I did a bunch of researching on the best prepaid card to use and all you fuckers are advocating green dot. I read the little pamphlet when I get home and now guess what - I gotta fuckin call in for a refund and wait a week to get my money back. Because the fuckin thing says right on it CAN'T BE USED FOR INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES.

    I bought the green dot fuckin visa, and in all of the threads I searched no one said the exact type of green dot to get, but I did see an riu thread where a guy said he used the green dot visa successfully with attitude. I tried my GD with both nirvana and attitude, both times it failed.

    SO, that begs the very fuckin important question that SHOULD be on a sticky in this forum in the first place - what prepaid card do I use that isn't going to end up fucking me?
  2. I use my own bank Mastercard, can you not just use your own?
  3. Both of those companies accepted my greendot card.
  4. Walmart prepaid cards worked for me they cost 3 dollars though

  5. See this is the original problem. People saying "green dot card" why don't you just say on your grow journals "The strain I'm growing is marijuana." Green dot has a bunch of different cards which one did you use? I bought the visa and it says on the back it doesn't work internationally.

    WHICH walmart prepaid cards man?

    Please be specific people.

    I need more responses too - and be specific in your answer or it's virtually useless to me..
  6. It's blue here and it says on the package 3 dollars
  7. Use MasterCard visa didnt work for me
  8. The Wal-Mart Green Dot cards have changed their policy in the last few months.
    I went to make a seed order a couple of weeks ago using my Green Dot card, but I found out that the account had been cancelled.
    So I went to Wal-Mart, bought a new card, put some money on it, and went home to make an online purchase.
    It was denied at Attitude, Single Seed Centre, and Herbie's.
    So I had to end up my own credit card, which I wasn't exactly thrilled with, but I needed to get some seeds for summer.
  9. i just made a order with my visa walmart pre paid money card with the single seed centre and it went through

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