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Green crack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blitzerdog, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Is it good?

    I got and 8th for 50, and so far its pretty sick. It looks like a Beaster. Smells sooo good. Smokes smooth too. You think I got ripped off?
  2. Not at all. 8th for 50 isn't bad at all. Especially if it is really Green Crack.
  3. Do you feel as though you were ripped off?
  4. Well, I've never bought from him before. He is a friends old dealer, before his frat got hooked up by a guy that sells cheap.
  5. Chances are it's not really the strain Green Crack, but I have no way of knowing this and neither do you unless you got it directly from the grower or close to directly.

    Otherwise, it should be a good pickup. An eighth of headies (named or not) usually goes for between 55-60 around my area, with named strains claiming the higher prices.

    Most of the time, names are just thrown on by dealers to make you want their product or make it seem more valuable so they can charge more.

    It's best not to worry about the name, and judge the bud based on its looks, smell, and the high you get from it. So if you're enjoying the high and it looks legit to you, you didn't get ripped.

    Ripped off is paying $90 an eighth for some "Pink Kush" during a drought a couple months after you started smoking. Best bud I ever had, but by far the most I've ever, or will ever, pay for an 8th.

  6. Dude........$90 an 8th? Ouch.
  7. There was a good amount of time (like a month or so) where my dealer had a shit-ton of GC. It was $70 an 1/8th, and that's friend prices. When I bought a quad, it was $120 (he was charging $130-$140 a quad; gotta love chilling with your dealer enough to get dropped prices). Chicago can suck with prices compared to everywhere else. ($60 for an 1/8th is the standard around here)

    Anyway, you didn't get ripped off. I like GC, but the thing I like most about it is the taste. It was kind of lemony. Wouldn't really bother with it again for a while, though. I didn't really think it was any kind of super weed. Just a nice, mellow high.
  8. damn boy. 90 bucks, that sucks. and lol at "pink kush" i've never heard that before... :rolleyes:
  9. Yo im from so cal, and i do have LEGIT green crack. ill get pictures up when im on my main comp, im roamin on my lap top :)

    but really. its phenominal.

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