Green Crack?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by TheDutchMasters, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Know where to find it? :confused:
  2. Think its clone only. Heard it was bomb!
  3. so cal clone only
  4. that stuff is the shit!! it is a so cal original
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    Had it here in nor-cal as well, it's fantastic, just to let you know they changed the name to green cracker at some places;) I believe it is a Skunk X Californian Indica cross

  6. green cracker lol? must be a nor cal thing..:devious:
  7. LMAO, must be..good thing I am from the NorthEast coast..hehe

  8. That shit is alright when you compare it to other strains, my cousin (has a medical card) went to west L.A. to the green cross and picked up an eighth, i recommend granddaddy purple and some og kush.
  9. green crack is a killer cali clone only.. socal is where it originated, but now is all over cali ;)

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