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Green Crack?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by EmeraldWriter, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. What's the verdict? I need mm for cancer/fibro pain and migraines, but I would like to be functional enough to work.

    Open to other suggestions... this is what is currently available in my area. Thanks!
  2. I am unsure of what you're posting about.
  3. Try It has all different strains with medical benefits listed.
  4. Hello, I see you have posted this in a couple spots but neither are the right area for solid answers.
    People in this thread might be able to point you in the right direction.
    This area is where medical marijuana usage questions are asked
  5. Sorry... I could not find any personalized info or mention if this strain in that thread.

    Just a little nervous before I try it. ;)
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    I'm not a expert but start with a small amount and go from there. I'd recommend going to a dispensary and buying a assortment of strains that the bud tender recommends. Just make sure they have a large assortment of sativa.
    What are you nervous about?
  7. Green crack would be sufficient, but blue dream. Great for pain and its a very clear headed high.--------------------------------------- Smoke On! c(o.oc)
  8. Blue dream is the best strain in my personal opinion. Because I could smoke a gram of it & be able work. But green crack is also a good strain.
  9. Green crack is a strong head high and has knockout potency I suggest try looking for a sativa thats not too high in THC if you want pain relief at the same time be able to not feel tired. 
  10. I don't know about that stuff, but in recreational terms, it's my favorite
  11. Gc has the most addictive smell, I have had several batches from different growers that had mad terpenes. Awesome sativa for the working man
  12. Ahhh brings back memories to the first time I ever got high..  Green crack.  I'd suggest it.  Very enjoyable good body high but kept my mind functionable.
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    Green Crack is one of my favorite strains. May be too intense if its your first time smoking, depending on the batch. However a year ago when my guy had it for about a month I smoked about two ounces of it and had no trouble going about my day, which consisted of working out, chem classes,bio classes, work, and it was excellent for relaxing and enjoying food or entertainment.
  14. great Green Crack is perfect, nothing more beautiful then the green crack and the smoke is the dude said above though blue dream is probably my favorite strain off all time, one of the few strains I could hit and instantly be positive what Im smoking, and its an amazing high 
  15. If you're looking for pain relief, I never really got that from green crack. I'd try blue dream or maybe a jack Herer or something like that.
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    I'm smoking on an indoor version of it at the moment, and enjoying it!  :bongin: 
  17. green crack is nice. hits you hard and smells so fruity. definitely gives an uplifting high
  18. Got a half oz of it atm. Its nothing special imo. Tastes good and smooth smoke, but doesn't pack that punch that I'm looking for

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