green colored shit

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  1. iv been getting this severely lately ever since i started taking niacin every day. thats probably it but im not sure, i doubt its a bad thing if it is the niacin cuz it might just be cleaning my sistem out. when do you guys get this?

    p.s. im a 160lb vegetarian male
  2. vegetarian? plants? green shit?

  3. thats not really a new thing lol. its just when i take niacin and vitamin b12
  4. cmon no one ever gets these? its funny as fuck when one side is brown and the otherside is green and its like perfectly symmetrical roflmao
  5. happens from time to time, I never cared why it's not like it's neon green or every day

  6. its pretty green man. and yeah its daily lol. i just want to know whats different with my shits lol.
  7. Most likely too much iron
  8. have you been drinking Grape kool aid?

    grape kool aid all ways makes me shit green

    i was shocked one time about my poops being hulk green and i googled it and sure enough it said grape kool aid

    I' had been binge drinking and chasing the vodka with grape kool aid

  9. interesting. i heard red wine can cause this and i do believe that red wine is rich in iron if im not mistaken. its probably the suppliments+my diet

  10. heard that but no i havnt had kool-aid in ages

    i eat alot of vegie things like boca burgers and veggies as well as junk food like ramen and salty shit like that
  11. haha it's your diet

    if i eat a salad i always have a green one the next day (or later that day, pending on time)

  12. well i just realized iv been taking b6 and my mom said its cuz of the iron in it. like i said its only been happening since i took the vitamins
  13. Eat some meat, my friend. God gaves us meat for a reason.
  14. that's not the problem...I don't go into heroine threads and tell people how to live man. it doesn't surprise me that you'd bring up god either. I get my daily amount of protein so meat is pointless. there are far more taboo lifestyles for you to ridicule in pandoras compared to mine
  15. ha ha dont know, but i know if you eat a lot of beets or beet salad, you gotta rem you did the next day, the blood red poop is scary if you didnt! LOL
  16. i know what you mean man, i had beats one day and the next morning i almost had a heartattack when i looked at the toilet. (my expresion until i remember i had eaten beats=:eek:)
  17. go take all your vitamins and then see whats up. If its better then just take a diff vitamin each day till you find out which one u be needin :p

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