greatest freakout ever

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)[/ame]
  2. stephen is the man!!!!
  3. Its fake.
  4. i don't believe that shit. i think it's real. the moon landing is real. sasquatch is real. stephen is real. i've flipped like that. not on camera tho

  5. There is nothing to believe... It is fake there's an interview on yoUtube with the mom saying how the kids are amazing actors and I agree with this, I was annoyed too when I found out but they still are fuckin hilarious and fun to watch anyway.
  6. agreed. these will all be funny. but stephen prolly threatened his family to tell people it's fake because he should be locked up

  7. No dude u don't understand stephen is acting the entire time he didn't threaten his family wtf? He shouldn't be locked up????
  8. i do bro. but he's not kidding. his flip outs are real. don't believe the lies
  9. Lol your missing the point there is nothing to believe, the mom says its fake I would link the video but I'm on my phone search youtube for 'interview with stephens mom' she says it all. He is an amazing actor so good that you think its real and so do a million others haha
  10. Since when do people believe these kinds of videos on youtube are real?

    Threatening his family more likely?
    Come on.... it IS fake.
  11. Fake? Definitely. But he went under the covers and came out without some of his clothes.

    Now that's magic.
  12. Yeah, agreed that it's still pretty funny.

    It's a good representation of how it really is to flip your sh*t. I have done it before.
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  14. haha..I didnt know there were more of them than the WoW one, but the brother seems awfully sincerely pleased he got it on tape at the end..I have seen some pretty bad meltdowns from kids...and this one was pretty over the top.

    If he IS acting, the Wii mote in the ass was a nice embellishment..hehe.
  15. [ame=]YouTube - Greatest Freak Out Ever Tosh.O Web Investigation[/ame]

    suck it op

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