Great Weed, Somewhat Bad Conditions

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Holi Whodi, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Sup, holi whodi here, I'm new to this site and this is my first post. Anyway, awhile back I got mad messed up. After about two-three hits of weed I started trippin, becoming giggly and loose. i went on to a rap freestyle rampage and started cracking up. This one guy blew my high but I had fun with the other guy. Afterwards I got the munchies and cotten mouth so i ordered a pizza. Later on my high wore off and everything went back to normal. That day was good, but I just don't understand what kind of conditions are best for smoking weed. Can somebody give me advice on the best conditions,and best way to smoke?
  2. man, i think it all comes down to personal taste...

    for instant i have 2 favorites...

    1.seeing as i am a real shy person i really just love to get home from skool around 4:00 and smoke a few bowls till 5 and be buzzing all night, my mum comes home around 7, so its past my peak high... plus i dont find it hard to act cool around my mum. i love being alone in the house buzzed, best feeling, nothing but your thoughts, music, films, food, anything... just do what ever you want... that would be my 1st preference.


    2.go over to a friends place, and have a few friends round, and set up candles so there is atsmosphere and music, and just sit around laughing and having a great time. of course there must be proper comfort... there is nothing worst then gettin baked somewhere with a shitty seat...
  3. Hey man welcome to the city.

    Me personally i'm more of a loner. I like to bake up alone in my house. I never get high with more then 3 people at increases the probabibilty of a dumbass being present.

    As for how to smoke. When i'm indoors I gotta go with a bong. But i'm outside i smoke a joint for its stealthly feature. I jsut walk up my block holding it like a cigarette.

    You just gotta find what your comfortable with. I also really enojying gazing up at the stars when stoned.
  4. smokin is like a's best when u got friends, drinks (not nessicarily alcoholic), food and'll learn from personal experience and see wut u like best
  5. I don't know how safe this is, but i love going in the jaccuzzi (if you'd read any of my other posts its cause a gravity bong in there is exxcellent). Besides that, i love being at my house 9 away from school, back home) on my balcony. i live right on the ocean, so we blaze and watch the sunset. you really have to find a place that you're comfortable at. i like smoking in houses, or indoors, so that we don't have to be on the lookout or whatever. Just find somewhere that makes ya relazed.

  6. lol @ stevieponiczz but so true! my bf and i are content with just ourselves, maybe my brother if he'sin town, or some random friends who come more than 2 or 3 at a time. no need for large rooms of acquaintances...

    we like to just chill w/ some good music or a good movie, light some candles or incense, and smoke. sometimes we like going to berkeley & picking out beads or going to our fav headshop & talkin to the guys there ...

    just like stevieponiczz said just whatever situation you are comfortable with, enjoy. everyone has their own "stoner niche," you'll find yours fast :)
  7. whenever i'm home getting high i have to get super comfortable on my couch or bed and if some thing is not normal such as a thats clumped up i just cant relax properly.
    it also needs to be during the evening for me.
  8. when listening to music WHEN artitis..............

    The Best .............JIMI HENDRIX

  9. I totally second that...!
  10. hendrix IS the man!
  11. well to start out i'm like the shyest guy i know, but when i smoke it gives me a relieved state of being and gets me away from people bitching and stuff, but mostly, i love to start laughing, there is nothing better than laughing for me lol...but there waas this one time we smoked a whole bunch, and we went to wendy's 2-3 times (dont remember) then we smoked another bowl and me and a friend went to his house, but we stopped at mcdonalds, we got back we were chillin but then i threw up, wayyyyy too much eating lol, but it was fun i was laughing that i threw up, well i like smoking with 2 other friends, i just like chillin with friends but i sorta like smokin by myself, but like everyone says, everyone has a different taste of things

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