great weather

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. ok one miinute it too hot to leave to house
    theres a thunderstorm with downpours!

    i just want to go outside :( lol

    did i mention its hot rain? no? well it is
  2. It's already hot and muggy this morning here....

    We have a chance for afternoon pop up showers or storms every day....

    Oh well......................... it could be worse.
  3. yeah i supose it could, well its stopped raining and... here comes the sun! lol
  4. yeah, it could be well worse.

    usual weather around here....

    horrizontal rain baing blasted at you with a minus 20 windchill. we're talking freezin rain. ow.
    but its not like you can really prepair for it either... the weather is so random and changes all the time.
  5. im with obliviot on this in oregon its a comfortable 75 degrees with a nice breeze...

    Hows everybody in England today?..I heard london broke triple digits..YOWZAS!..thats damn hot compared to youre usual weather
  6. yeah, the whole of the UK is enjoying the hotest sumer in the history of my life.

    gawd bless global warming. i'd just like to thank President Bush for scrapping the Kyoto accord. hopefully we'll be able to experience temps on average another 5 degrees hotter over the next decade. :\
  7. oh it is critter, it IS. :rolleyes: thnx for the sympathy. :D

    did it take you long to thaw your fingers this morning so you coul type? :D :p

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