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Great way to make your tokes smoother!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by potency420, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So recently i found a pretty insane way to reduce the harshness of a bowl (and possibly other glass) very easily and quickly.

    The story: (skip this if you just want to know the method)

    I was at a friends house and we were about to head to the city; but we wanted to toke a little seeing that neither of us had any THC in our systems that day. So i pulled out my vile that had held a 1/4 ounce the day before. The vile was almost empty but had a good amount of shake left (complete pieces, no nugs at all). My friends bowl is kind of shitty for 2 reasons: the bowl is huge but the stem is really small so rips are incredibly milky but harsh as balls. Reason 2 is that the hole at the bottom of the bowl is quite big so unless there is a nug to cover that hole, shake is falling right through! Knowing that most of the shake would go right through the hole once poured in, we set out to find something to cover the hole. Luckily a friend had just finished rolling a joint (he used the rest of his bud) and had tore off a piece of the paper to make the paper smaller. Thinking that it would be just like finishing a roach in a bowl, i put a small piece of that paper (enough to completely cover the hole and a little more area) into the bowl. I poured the shake on top of it and it looked just like a normal bowl. I lit my lighter and put it towards the greens and boom the bowl milked up like normal. The only difference is that once it was cleared and i exhaled i had felt nothing. It was like taking in air! After passing the bowl to a few of my friends they all agreed with me saying that, that bowl had never ripped smoother.

    Summary: I put a small piece of a bambu rolling paper on the bottom of the bowl covering the whole and then packed shake over it and it ripped amazingly! Maybe it was just that one time but it seems that the paper was what changed the rips.

    Everyone should try it and tell me how they think about it!
    Anyone else know ways to make rips smoother?

    I am also looking to try this out on other glass (most likely a bong)

    hope this helped some people! :bongin:
  2. Btw the piece of paper was not crumpled or anything. Just a small square, one layer
  3. common sense tells me not to waste my time
  4. you just pack a bowl like you usually would but put a small piece of paper first....
  5. #5 Hydroriffic, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2011
    dude your stoned. Jus tried it, with some dank papers, jus tasted papers and weed. Got a decent filtering bong so id say no go if u got decent bong, maybe better if u got non diffusing bong. Otherwise waste of time and roll joint in the end get smooth taste??????

    dude btw how high were u when u did thread?

    basic logic says paper we'll make it harsher, butfuckit, try it and found out if u wish

    btw tell ur homie to get one,
  6. just tried it with raw rolling paper and it didnt really make a difference just tasted like paper and some nice dank
  7. can you even suck air through paper?
  8. I don't understand.... all you did was make a screen from paper.
    I just don't see how that would make smoother smoke.... May as well just roll the shake up in the joint.

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