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Great Sober After Bad High.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlrock, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So last night, I blazed with my friend and some of his friends at their apartment and got higher than I probably should have. When I went with two of them to a 7 Eleven for the munchies, I started experiencing possibly the worst high that I've ever had and went psychotic. Fortunately, my friend was able to calm me down. Since finally coming down a little while ago, I'm feeling the best I've ever felt sober since heaven only knows when. Is it normal to feel incredibly good sober after an extremely bad high?
  2. Never really happened to me on weed except for when I very first got really stoned. It has happened to me on several things I can't mention on this website.
  3. ive never had a bad high. ill let ya know when i do.
  4. obviously , if you were in a state of mind that you did not like then moving to a comfortable state would make that state feel EXCEPTIONALLY good and safe . Like when you are away from home for a while when you get home you just wanna lick something .

    $$$$ smoke $$$$
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    Definitely, at least compared to doing a lot of almost any other drug it is, except maybe lsd and other psychedelics they can leave you feeling pretty good too albeit a totally different person...

    Also, if you really were stressing out last night it could be your brain releasing serotonin because your happy you can function fully and feel in control again. THC doesn't deplete any chemicals but if you're really freaking out I can see why your brain would trigger more adrenaline and stress rather than serotonin or dopamine. Now that the crisis is over, your brain is acting normally and you feel better.
  6. I have a great sober after a great high.

    Remember, you are in control of your highs 99% of the time, don't let anxiety or paranoia ruin it.
  7. Maybe you're just relieved to be sober. I had one bad experience with weed, but it got better as I mellowed out. Stay in control and stay happy. Don't smoke when you're upset about something, it could make things worse.
  8. this happened when i smoked the strongest salvia. and my first time smoking a very large quantity of weed. its because once you get in that bad state your mind gets locked there and every little thing starts to scare you more. next time listen to some calm music or dont smoke so much :b
  9. Dude when I'm stressed out or pissed I have to smoke up some ganja. It's the greatest reliever of pain. :D

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