Great sex story thread.

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  1. Simple, post some of your best random sex stories. no lying please.

    This one time for carnival me and a friend went to this town to this guy's hose (pretty chill dude, hes got like a deformation, walks like a penguin, looks weird as fuck but hes not mental or anything) and we brought some great unknown we get there and realize the girls around there are really slutty.
    this 17-ish or maybe 18-ish looking girls are telling us to get out and talk to them, so i do, one of them tells me that a couple of them like me and my friend, we talk for a while but i realized they were really...silly, so i left and got back in the house because i wanted sex that night, not a teenage love story.
    So then this girl comes around, she was like 24, shes got a baby with her, but that doesnt stop her from smoking weed with us and doing unmentionables with forward this chick tells me she wants to fuck me, and im like alright girl you got it...but i had to wait for her son to go to sleep.
    by the time she got her son to sleep (she lived next door) i was REALLY, but REALLY fucking drunk and high, and my other 2 friends tell her that if she wants to have sex with me, shes got to fuck all of us...she refused at first but after a while she was like fuck it, ill start with you (me). i fucked her in the shower, but i was fucking drunk and the water was cold so i wasnt really good at all, we get out and shes all pissed at me because i couldnt fuck her good because of how drunk i was. then she procceeds to fuck the other 2 one by the time she was done i had sober up thanks to the cold shower and she called me once again and said "i hate you...but i like you and i want to fuck you"...since i had sober up i was like aight lets do this...
    ended up fucking her until the sun rised (she was a fucking slut, too. i fucked her in every single hole she had, and keep in mind she had fucked 2 guys already and me, and probably her husband), and had to stop fucking her because her husband would be home any minute (he was partying somewhere in that town, he also hated us since the moment we seen him...but whatever i fucked his wife).
    Next day after we woke up i got her to cook for us, and then she told me she wanted to make a sextape with me (never did, found out her husband had killed a guy the night before at the party he was, so i figured if i fucked her once again that would be too much of a risk).
    But yeah that was a great weekend, a lot of drugs and sex. Then we went to the beach all day and left monday morning back to my city to never see her again.

    Share your stories.
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    Fck it .. i'll post sumthin here ... soon as I find something to post

  3. I just posted this in the cop story thread before I saw this but I'll post. It was actually the night I lost my virginity me and this hot ass chick were fucking in a park. Laying on the ground, completely naked, we see a car pull into the parking lot. Keep in mind it's like 2 in the morning. So we stop and watch it. It starts to shine a spotlight around the park and it falls on us. Then he starts to drive down the pathway towards us. We grab our clothes and fucking book it. We're going through people yards, lights turning on, dogs barking, scary shit. So we get to a place we think is safe and decide to fuck again before we go back to her car. Crazy way to lose your virginity

  4. they made a u-turn chased you down in their car just for the girls to tell you that you were cute?

  5. Yup ... thatz wut i thought to .. unfcknbeliveable

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