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  1. Where are you reading anything got to do with cannabis? I can't find anything :confused:
  2. To be honest, having had a quick look through, didn't seem to say much about decrim/class C or anything. I'm not expecting too much change, the issue isn't going to be that high on the liberal democrat agenda and the conservatives will take a lot of persuading which the Lib Dems won't bother with.
    But here's to hoping!
  3. It looks better than what it was, but I must say there was nothing in there that made me think decriminalisation is on the way. My bet is a downgrade to class C at the most; and not for a while, until all the major issues have been sorted out.
  4. To be honest, I really don't think politicians here view cannabis as an issue worth wasting their time over, we need more activism over here like they have in the US or nothing will ever happen.
  5. dude , section 3 , and section 6 , the civil liberties and the crime and policing sections...
    can you not see what im sayin?


    - We will implement a full programme of measures to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties and roll back state intrusion.

    -We will introduce a new mechanism to prevent the proliferation of unnecessary new criminal offences.


    -We will reduce time-wasting bureaucracy that hampers police operations, and introduce better technology to make policing more effective while saving taxpayers’ money.

    -We will introduce a system of temporary bans on new ‘legal highs’ while health issues are considered by independent experts. We will not permanently ban a substance without receiving full advice from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

    how could you not find any of that?
  6. Indeed. It saddens me when they sideline an issue that potentially affects 4-6 million people in this country. Yes, the economy is more important. But reforming failing drug policy should be a much higher priority of virtually all governments in the world than it currently is.
  7. It looks more promising but tbh right now in the UK i have been caught a few times with percy personal possession and you just get a warning. I've never been fined or even taken down the station just had a caution and the stuff taken off me.
  8. Apparently Nick Clegg wants to give the public the opportunity to say what laws need changed, or gotten rid of. Hopefully this becomes a reality and Cannabis will come up (without getting laughed off like obama...)

  9. I did, none of it has any relevance to cannabis, the first 2 about civil liberties are just talking about state intrusion into the private sphere which is a pretty tenuous link to cannabis and the last 2 about police are refering to minimising police paper work so they can be more effective on the streets and the other is about things like mephadrone (spelling?) and being able to quickly stem their flow without all of the beurocracy involved (I think).
    We need to demonstrate more, spread a better image of the UK stoner, I mean, look at our NORML website, it's non existent basically.
  10. Doesn't help that we still have Government sponsored propaganda flying about. Anyone taken a look at talk to frank lately? Just a snippet for your benefit:

    No sources cited and links to anything from schizophrenia (a correlation; no conclusive proof of causation), fertility (lies? I've never seen a credible source creating this link) and amotivational syndrome (no psychopharmacological link has been proven). Annoys me.
  11. ^^^ You and me both mate.
  12. what are the uk equivalents of NORML?

    i.e. uk based pro legalization groups
  13. Legalise Cannabis Alliance is probably the most proactive one that I know of...
  14. The only real progress I saw in the manifesto was that they are going to finally acknowledge the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, unlike the Labour government who totally ignored their input.

    This means they should base policies on scientific evidence, which can only help the cause - as we have science on our side.
  15. not completely, they recommended class c not decrim/legalise
  16. still a step in the right direction
  17. Not sure how true this is but i read somwhere (Can't remember where) that when it was class C before it was also decriminalized, again not sure how true that is so don't beat me up about it if it's complete bull shit.
    But class c is better than class b
  18. Class C was effective decrim: much better than the 'decrim' you hear about in various American states (where you still get a fine when caught). They took your weed off you, there was no provision for a custodial sentence for possession but the main thing was the charges for sale or cultivation were much less. Maximum of 2 years for sale or something.

    But anyway, it's good they're gonna take the advice of the ACMD; maybe we'll get some prominent figures back on board if they're serious about making them a fully independent body (Prof. Nutt for example). The least we can expect is a move back to Class C, then they propose doing more research into the subject before going down the route of full decrim/legalization. However it plays out though I can't see it being any worse than Labour.
  19. this is what i mean , since they are taking advice from the drug board it we are looking at a move to C , which unless your retarded is an amazing thing , cops will literally not give a fuck like they used to , grow some properrrrrrrrrrrrr boom kron again and not worry about getting gripped

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