Great movies to watch while stoned!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by nesbitt21, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. 1.super troopers ( ijust watched this last night and omg I laughed my ass off.

    2. 3 kings ( the whole Marky mark thing doesnt do anything for me, but its a good movie all around)

    3. spaceballs ( need I say any more)

    4. Clockwork orange (awsome!!!)

    5. Clerks (funny as hell)

    6. Jay and Silent Bob movie (B-O-N-G !)

    7.Me myself and Irene


    9.Pink Flamingo ( if no one has seen this movie before, you have to kind of sick and twisted, but the movie gets a thumbs up for me. This movie was made in the 70's and very controversial, starring "divine)

    10.Taxi Driver ( robert deniro)

    well, i had all the movies in my head, but then I got stoned so .......Ill have to finish later
  2. oh your right That is a great movie, isnt that the same guy thats in the time machine?
  3. nakid lunch!.....its a better read than it is a movie

    but what isent!
  4. i hear that, I have never seen that movie now I will have to see it. :)
  5. yeah the movie is acctualyy like one chapter from the book...with alot of little things from the rest of the book cramed into it....

    this guy is an exterminator(the guy who played robocop dont know why i think of his name right now......probably too stoned)and he comes home and finds his wife is shooting up with his bug powder!

    this movie is fucked up begining to end!

    you will have to watch it 30 times to start to get the picture

    and then read the book!!!

    Willums S. Burrows is fucking insain!

    this man ate more drugs than everyone on grsscity!

    he was an old man when he rote this shit

    i think it was in the 50's or 60's he rote it

    have to look later

    find this book!
  6. Hey, tahnks I cant wait to see it sounds like a great flick!
  7. Yea`, Terry Gillinghams "Naked Lunch" is beyond trippyness when I`m lean...

    Other strange stuff by Terry is:

    Brazil: Trippy/serious

    Time Bandits: Trippy/funny

    Barron Munchousen: Trippy/not so funny

    All unforgetable :)
  8. yes w.s. burrows was the sickest of fucks!

    and read his shit if you get the chance!
  9. Grinch Night from 1977 fucking trippy ass cartoon

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