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  1. I see tons of posts asking about USA based seed banks. Here it is folks. USA Based Genetics without the Green Tape.

    I recently ordered from GLG for the first time. HIGHly recommended. Overall great service. Great communication, great freebies, great stealth, fast shipping. Only took 6 days to Western Canada. Will use again for sure. I ain't even American haha but this turns out ot be one of the best places for Bodhi Seeds.


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  2. i agree Great Lakes Genetics is top notch, i've been talking to DBJ(owner) for awhile, he's a genuine, generous dude. cool merchandise too.
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  3. I have the Dragons Blood shirt and this one.
    Jan7 014.JPG
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  4. nice I like that T. I'll prob get that one on my next order. :D

    You ever grown out any of them Bad Dog genetics freebies?
  5. No not yet. Not sure when I'll get to them.
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  6. haha same lol. not unless someone has some good show n tell for them. But longbottom leaf has a nice genetic makeup. super cool name too! :D
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  7. DBJ sent me a bunch of merch, pins, stickers, cards;
    a bodhi 3 joint wood box-
    and some kind of keif grinder, cheese shredder, not sure, but it looks cool-
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  8. I was broke on the 4/20 promo damn would have loved to cash in on that opportunity!
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  9. link please ....
  10. Anyone know if the Autos from afterthought are fem or reg packs..... I assume the stuff from Tony is all reg packs.
  11. pretty damn sure all autos are fem
  12. They are all regulars
  13. Not true
  14. not the first time ive been wrong kinda defeats the purpose of autos in my mind if they arent all fem
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  15. Other then certain outdoor locations I don't see the point of autos.
  16. having male autos means you can breed auto strains.. some people have become partial to autos, and they do make a great gorilla plant... having a few males of different variety just means I could work some of those crossed between the males and females of the different strains available and produce some seeds for the next season.
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  17. i like autos i just grow to supply myself with smoke a half oz of dank is 240 bucks here so yea, anyways i like em cause they stay short i dont have to top em or wonder when to flip the light schedule etc.
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  18. user405441_pic1667183_1477670113.jpg Thats what im talking about, GLG best freebies ever! Whatever you order yer gonna end up with a shitload more!

    Gorilla Bubble from GLG!
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  19. bad ass promos going on right now too ha.
    Always a deal on bohdis gear!
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