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Great Hiding Spot I found for small ammounts of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Oh Cannabis, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I pretty much put my weed in a contact lens case. For contacts to be as clean as possible they need to be submerged in solution and be in an airtight environment, so I thought that this could be used as an airtight compartment. And let me tell you this works amazing, first of all it is very stealth, second as soon as you open it you instantly smell the nice sweet smell of that fresh bud. If you don't want anything to suspicious or transparent then this is the best makeshift weed holder, at least if your looking to avoid mold and maintain freshness.

    Smoke on :smoke:

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  2. Good Good Idea Idea:D

  3. i use a bag inside a vent in my computer
  4. Idk I can never trust a bag to keep freshness. The difference between a bag and a mason jar/contacts case that i've noticed is that with a bag I can still smell it if I smell the outside of the bag. If I smell the contact's case I can't smell the tiniest bit of bud (and this stuff is SKUNKY as hell), so that kinda gives me a hint on the difference in freshness
  5. yeah i guess your right, i just keep it in there cause the vent sucks air into my computer
  6. I've used contact cases to take bud to friend's houses before, it doesn't look suspicious at all. It keeps it fresh too.

    Thanks for posting it, I'm sure a lot of the paranoid noobs will thank you, hahaha
  7. True in terms of being stealthy, but for stealth and freshness thats what I use. But whatever to each their own
  8. Bump for awareness of this cheap preservation method
  9. wow i got a couple lying around will use
  10. Really the most ideal is to use something that is air tight, such as contact cases. But anything else that was air tight would work exactly the same way.
  11. I hollow out a cantaloupe,

    put a quarter in a baggie and put it inside of the cantaloupe.

    put it the fridge in the bottom drawers.
  12. I put mine in a glad tupperware container in the kitchen cabinet beside the frosted flakes.
  13. I was thinking of putting my baggie in my lense case, and decided to look up if it was a good idea. Let's say I found a new stashing place :D
  14. Great idea but doesn't hold much.

    Used to use my iPod case, worked like a charm. But since it was see through whenever I saw it I'd get the overwhelming feeling to smoke haha.
    Seeing all that dank goodness.
  15. I use a jar or my grinder
  16. My brother used to have at least 20 of those lenses cases. Too bad he threw all of them away
  17. If I'm going to store my bud for a while then I put it in plastic bag. After that I open the outlet behind my dresser( the thing that you plug stuff into) and everything's good
  18. this is very, very smart lol. Thank you

    I'm going to be storing some oils in one half and some hash in the other.
    probably will find multiple lens cases and store diff strains in each
  19. Why does it look like theres baccy on your bud :eek:

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