Great Feeling

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Fresh Prince, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. So I wake up today and go to my early class, Psychology. I knew we had a test today, but the tests in this class have been pretty easy so I went through my notes to refresh my memory before class. I go in to take the test and I know that I am probably gonna fail halfway through. A sinking feeling went through me and I feel kinda shitty because I could have studied for it and it would have been no big deal.

    But as I am walking to my car for some reason my whole attitude on the test changed. It would affect my grade a little, but I am doing well enough in the class that I could still prolly get an A or B. It was great because instead of worrying about it, I just accepted it and looked at it in a different perspective. When I realized this a euphoric feeling came over me and I was just happy for some reason. Almost a feeling of accomplishment over the bad feeling.

    Came home, smoked a bowl, and am feeling great. Have any of you ever experienced a feeling like this, or am I alone here?
  2. I get the same sort of feeling every now and then.

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