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great feeling

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rync888, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. When you're dealer has been dry for a week, hits ya up and hooks the price up because he felt bad about being dry. Week t break and it feels good to be high. Smoke xD
  2. If my dealer was dry for a week, I'd have a new dealer.

    The most ill wait is a day when I'm looking. Someone will have it, but usually I place my order a week before for some weight and then just sit on it.
  3. I'm with future. If my dude doesn't hit me back..mmm...within a couple hours, I usually move on to the next. Dry? lol....nahh, this dude ain't ever dry. Even if my dudes, dude went mia, it would probably take a month, for him to be dry.
  4. Yeah I gotcha. If you took the t break cuz he was dry, I'm sorry. I kinda go in phases with who I buy from, then when I switch back they hook it up
  5. I always have several back-ups, so i know the herb is gonna come to me. :smoking:
  6. I had four dealers two quit due to paranoia haha. The other one is sketchy you never know what type of bud you'll get from him. It sucked but I'm just happy I'm back at it. I've only been consistently smoking for a few months so my book of dealers is currently minimal.
  7. -Doesn't sound like a very good/reliable dealer

    -At least he seems to care about his clients.

    - Forced t breaks are a huge pain in the ass, but always easier than trying to take one when you got supply on hand. Plus, in the end, I bet that first high was super Nice after being sober a week.

    Happy you scored, OP:yay:

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