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Great Day. (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NWofficial, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Good day. Nice and sunny, plenty of tree. this is how my day went.

    Went to my favorite spot

    Afterward i went home and this followed.[​IMG]

    Closely followed by the finishing touch

  2. mmmm green grass.
  3. ahaha only way to eat ice cream
  4. Yup. :smoke::smoke:
  5. Nice, looks like you had one awesome day.
  6. wow that is beautiful scenery, how far is this from your crib? id be out toking all day everyday there i think.:p

    hows the weather down there? seasonal?
  7. thats so wierd i thought i was a goon for eating my ice cream that way im so glad other people do it
  8. 3 minute walk, i get the same view from my front lawn, but i enjoy going to this area because its a small clearing on the side of a cliff overlooking this. I live in Washington, its not too seasonal, mostly clouds and rain.
  9. fuck man amazing place to toke, wish there was shit like that in Arizona
  10. this makes me so sad that its still miserable weather here in urbana. Illinois sucks in the winter.
  11. damn dude.

    looking at those pictures made me feel happy for you.

    i fucking love days like that.

    congratulations on a great day man.
  12. dude. are you really Official?

    ps. i turn my ice cream into soup, too!
  13. Is that the puget sound?
  14. Cool pictures, I wish I had scenery like that around here.

    The food pictures made me mad hungry, but my icecream tops yours.
  15. that taco looks damn good. :devious:

    (or really skimpy burrito)
  16. Hmm no i'm in no way official its all i thought of when trying to register.
    And yea that is the puget sound i love it.
    It was a great day, thanks everyone!

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