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  1. Hi. First time, first cycle. Someone dropped off a clone that was basically dead. Long story short, it recovered. It looked as though it had a short veg and went right into flower. What do you think? Then I tried pulling lightly on the outside branches to allow light down in the center...I guess the branches hardened since the initial LST. One broke. My fault, lessened learned. The other largest is an auto that had a tough beginning but doing well now. He small ones are photos. I only have the one tent. Should I some how get the budding clone into a dark area for 12 hours? Thank you for any help? I take suggestions on everything lol. It’s on 21-3 right now.

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  2. if it is flowering under veg hours, it is an auto.
  3. Thank you. I didn’t know auto clones where a thing lol. Greatly appreciated.
  4. You don't know what light cycle he/she had it on before it was dropped off to you?
  5. people clone them but they stay on the same cycle as mom. they will harvest around the same time.
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  6. Who in the hell wastes time cloning autos?
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  7. People who give so called friends clones [​IMG]
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  8. Honestly, my neighbor dropped it off. He got it from a coworker...I’ve asked but with answer. When I got it, I had little success so I welcomed it with open arms lol. I have one other auto doing pretty good now and 4 small photos. One is a fast seed. I know it’s a complete mess. I just got excited.
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  9. i thought about doing it for an auto with a long timeframe. grow it for like a month and then cut 20-30 clones and let them flower a couple of weeks later. idk. sounded fun.
  10. Yea....I mean it can obviously be done....i just don't know if I would waste the time on it....I would surely like to see some pics of someone else doing it tho!! :coffee:
  11. i'll post some if i do. 30 solo cup autos. it may be a sight.
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  12. This is an auto clone, it didn't really get going in the end, the donor plant carried on flowering but this kinda stopped growing after

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